Who was Bob Mason Dies: Wife, Children, Ethnicity

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Mason’s death, at age 72, came as a shock to many in the Philadelphia radio community. Mason was a radio DJ who worked for WPYX-106.5 FM from the late 1970s until around 2002, when he began working as an associate program director at KYW-AM (then WFIL).

His 1980s heyday as morning host at WPYX-106.5 FM gave him rock-star status and such audience popularity that the station’s contest line was blocked from being called from state offices. He died Sunday at age 72. A cause of death has not yet been released.”

Bob Mason, as he became known personally and professionally, as a teenager built his own radio transmitter and broadcast on a police frequency, according to legend repeated enough that it became accepted truth.

That was the first of many times Mason got into trouble with authority figures for his radio activities. According to lore, on June 22, 1949, and raised in Catskill, New York State Bob Moon (not Roy Moon) became known as Robert Mason. Who was Bob Mason: Longtime Capital Region radio personality dies.

Who was Bob Mason?

On other occasions he was for joking officials, breaking a glass bottle through his office wall before quitting just as his program began broadcasting at 6 a.m., requesting during a Disney World excursion where he could find the cryogenically frozen body of Walt Disney, being sued by the “winner” of an ugly-bride contest, and seeking for governor as part of what he referred to as the Continuous Party.

“The big stations’ DJs and the 6 p.m. news anchors were the stars in any city before the internet and social media fractured audiences,” noted Utz. “Bob rapidly became one of the most popular.”

On Monday afternoon, PYX 106 posted a short tribute on its website, declaring that “Bob Mason, ‘The State Worker’s Friend,’ was a larger-than-life personality.” Station representatives did not return calls seeking comment.

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Wife Ans Children Of Bob Mason

Wife of Wild goalie coach is fighting Stage 4 urothelial cancer. If not for an ex-boyfriend, Victoria Mason never would have met her husband, Wild goaltender coach Bob Mason.

Radio Host’s Career

Mason frequently boasted that he was 30 when he made more than $15,000 in radio for the first time. In 1987, Mason told the Times Union that his pay had surpassed six figures. It was a thank you for excellent ratings, whether it was with Cliff Nash or Bill Sheehan, who essentially swapped places with Nash throughout the 1980s but ultimately proved to be Mason’s longest on-air buddy, continuing together until early 2002.

Bob Mason Has Died

Bob Mason, a long-time Capital Region radio personality, died on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022. He was 72 years old. The radio station PYX 106 announced the death of Bob Mason with this statement on its website: “We are deeply sorry to inform you that Bob Mason has died.”

“The Mason and Sheehan Show, as well as the Mason and Nash Show, were hugely popular in Capitaland through the ’80s and mid ’90s.”

Hundreds of listeners attended the breakfast shows, according to a tribute on Bob’s website. The quote went on to describe Bob as a “larger-than-life personality” and added that he was well-liked by his listeners.

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