Betty Gore Ax Murder House: Here’s What We Know

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Nicole Beil’s Candy series on Hulu tells the story of Candy Montgomery, a Texas housewife who had an affair with her best friend Betty Gore’s husband and inadvertently caused a grisly murder case in 1980. According to Nicole Beil’s account, when she confronted Candy about her relationship with Allan, she was killed by her with an ax.

It was only then that Candy used the same ax to strike Betty 41 times in self-defense, after which she dispatched him. Although the miniseries follows Candy’s description of the event, it leaves room for interpretation as to exactly what occurred. Betty Gore Ax Murder House: Here’s What We Know.

Betty Gore’s Ax Murder House

According to reports, Betty Gore’s (Melanie Lynskey) deformed body was discovered in the utility room of her simple single-level brick home in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980. The incident shook the little Dallas neighborhood where the victim resided.

The grisly ax murder is making headlines once again forty years after it occurred with the premiere of Hulu’s five-episode limited series. The house where Betty and Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) lived with their two young children, which they sold almost six times since the assassination in 1980, has been sold close to six times.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that has been freshly renovated was marketed for $344,900 in March and sold to a couple a few weeks later at a price greater than the advertised amount.

Monument Realty’s local real estate agent, Marla McMullen, represented the sellers when they acquired the property in 2020, and she also represented them this time around. She stated, “It looks like a normal house. It’s been remodeled enough that it’s a different flow from when the murder happened.”

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McMullen claims that her clients purchased the Gore house in September 2020 without seeing it since they were relocating from out of state and paid $251,750. They sold the property after a year and a half because their family had increased, and they desired larger living space.

It was only this month that McMullen revealed the death of Betty Gore in the ad. However, it did not stop potential consumers, with more than 40 individuals coming to its most recent open house.

She also stated that other people made offers above the asking price. Hulu’s Candy will release a new episode every day this week, chronicling Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore’s relationship through episodes.

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