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Who is Bernie Ecclestone’s wife, Fabiana as she’s set for new FIA Role?

Who is Bernie Ecclestone’s wife, Fabiana? What position does she have in the new FIA President’s cabinet? For the past five years, Bernie Ecclestone has not been a figure of media interest.

In 2016, F1 was sold to American conglomerate Liberty Media, with Ecclestone immediately stepping down as CEO of the F1 Group. Since then, he’s appeared now and then in grands prix or the press, lambasting how F1 is handled today.

Fabiana has been by his side as he went from one of sports’ most notable players to a successful retirement. But who is she, and why is Bernie Ecclestone’s wife slated to head a new FIA department under new president Mohammed ben Sulayem?

Bernie Ecclestone’s wife revealed

Bernie Ecclestone was married three times. His first two marriages to Ivy and Slavica Radic both ended in divorce.

Ecclestone met Fabiana Flosi – a marketing executive for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos – in 2009. They were engaged and married later that year.

During his retirement, Ecclestone has spent a lot of time on his farm in Brazil, where he and Fabiana produce coffee beans. The difference in age between them is 46 years.

Mr. Ecclestone is now 91 years old, making him just shy of his 92nd birthday. Flosi is presently 44 years old and was 36 in 2012, when he proposed to her. This means she was born somewhere between 1977 and 1992.

Bernie and Alexandra’s first child is Alexander, who was born in summer 2020. Alexander is Bernie’s first son, along with three daughters – Deborah, Tamara, and Petra from his prior two marriages.

Fabiana Set For FIA Vice President Role

This week, Jean Todt stepped down as FIA President after 12 years in the position. Mr Todt had already served three terms. In his place, former rally driver Mohammed ben Sulayem has been elected president.

Sulayem pledged during his election campaign to give Fabiana an important position if he were elected. Sulayem said that he would install Fabiana as Vice-President of Sport for South America at the FIA.

Ecclestone himself was never elected to a position within the FIA, the regulatory body that governs Formula 1. He managed F1’s commercial side, including selling television broadcast rights, securing sponsorships, and finding new venues for grand prix events.

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