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Angelica, a remarkable figure in Mexican opera culture during the nineteenth century. By the age of 20, she was performing at some of Europe’s most renowned opera houses. She sang in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, St. Petersburg (the Russian capital), Alexandria and Cairo in one year.

Her European critics dubbed her The Mexican Nightingale. Her most celebrated composition is Álbum Musical de Ángela Peralta.

Who Is Angela Peralta?

She made her operatic debut at the Teatro Nacional in Mexico City at the age of 15. She studied opera in Italy under Leopardi’s guidance.

Angela Peralta Personal Life

She was also an accomplished pianist, harpist and composer.

Angela Peralta Husband

Angela Peralta married her lover Julián Montiel y Duarte on her deathbed.

According to an eyewitness account of the marriage ceremony, she was already unconscious when it began. Lemus supported her by the shoulders, one of the singers from her company.

When asked if she took Montiel y Duarte as a spouse, Lemus nodded her assent by moving her head.

Angela Peralta Family Life

She married Eugenio Castera, who predeceased her in 1876.

Manuel Peralta and Josefa Castera de Peralta were the parents of Angélica Peralta. She had a natural aptitude for music from an early age.

At the age of 8, she sang a cavatina from Belisario by Gaetano Donizetti with great success at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Mexico City.

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She made her operatic debut as Leonora in Giuseppe Verdi’s Il trovatore at the Teatro Nacional in Mexico City at the age of 15.

Angela Peralta Facts

In 1855, she passed her examinations for the Royal Academy of Music in London and studied singing in Italy with Leopardi.

She debuted at La Scala on May 13, 1862, performing Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor to critical acclaim.

On August 30, 1883, Ángela Peralta died in Mazatlán’s Hotel Iturbide at the age of 38.

Her body lay in state, costumed in one of her opera costumes and wearing her finest jewelry, before being interred in Mazatlan.

Her remains were exhumed and taken to the Pantheon of Dolores in Mexico City’s Rotunda de Hombres Ilustres (the Rotunda of Illustrious Men) in 1937.

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The city of Mazatlán has a theatre dedicated to her memory, as well as the town of San Miguel de Allende.

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