What is 4pf? Meaning of the Lil Baby term explained


What is 4pf? Lil Durk and Lil Baby have teamed up to create The Voice Of Heroes, a collaborative album. Some are curious about the meaning of the Lil Baby term “4pf”, which appears on the album’s cover, as well as the origin of the Lil Baby term.

What is 4pf and what does it mean?

4pf is an acronym which stands for 4 pockets full. It was popularised first by Lil Baby, an Atlanta rapper.

Urban Dictionary says that 4pf, or four pockets full, is a symbol of wealth and having a lot money. explains that the term refers in part to all four pockets on a pair of pants being full.

Since then, Lil Baby has used the term “4 pockets full” as the name for his own label. This record label supports up-and-coming artists.

The phrase is most well-known for its association to Lil Baby. However, it has been used by other rappers such as Offset, BlaccZacc, Lil GotIt, and Marlo.

Who is Lil Baby?

Lil Baby is a rapper and singer who was born on 3 December 1994. After the release of Perfect Timing, his mixtape that year, Lil Baby rose in popularity.

In 2018, he released Harder Than Ever, his debut album. He collaborated with One Dance singer Drake and Hotline Bling.

Despite his fame, the rapper keeps it modest despite all of it. He explained to The New York Times that people don’t believe he’s as famous as he is because he doesn’t talk about it.

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“Most people act like they’re more than they actually are.” “I’m acting less than I really am.”

Lil Baby and Lil Durk collab on new album

Lil Baby and Lil Durk announced that The Voice Of The Heroes, their album, was now available for streaming to his 15.5 Million followers on Instagram.

The pair have just released the music video to their song The Voice Of The Heroes, which was highly anticipated.

Lil Baby posted the album’s cover and wrote: “The Wait is Over! @lildurk let’s go bro !!!! After you listen, come back and tell me your thoughts.

Lil Durk responded to Lil Baby’s Instagram post and added: “Out now, we just saved the planet @lilbaby link bio.”

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