Top 10 Secret Facts about Netflix’s Show 13 Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons why is an American teen drama web TV series which allows Teens and Parents to talk about serious and take on mature topics. It allows teens and parents to talk about their feelings and take out all their anger and secrets out. Hannah Baker which in this case was played by Katherine Langford, has really been a dramatic character to talk about. And at the same time she went through so many things. Thirteen Reasons why how ever isn’t always for parents or teens. This show definitely helps people with Depression, Anxiety, Anorexia, Self harm and suicidal thoughts talk more and open up to people about how they are truly feeling and their problems. The whole series is based on the 2007 novel “Thirteen reasons why” by Jay Asher. This series puts a very sensitive issue on teasing and sexual abuse of America’s high school teens. Check out Top 10 Secret Facts about Netflix’s show 13 Reasons Why!

1. Katherine also auditioned to play the role of Jessica, but that role was given to Alisha Boe.

2. Dylan Minnette helped pick the show’s soundtrack

“I had a dialogue with the creator from the get-go about what songs should be on the soundtrack. I love that he was so open and it was very much a collaboration. There are so many artists on the soundtrack that I’m so proud of. And Clay’s room is filled with posters of my favourite bands. There are other artists that I would love to have in there, but they aren’t artists that I feel Clay would listen to. You’ll see there are a couple Arcade Fire posters, Bon Iver, The Cure, The Shins, and some other cool things. I wanted to make sure it all felt very real, and I wanted the vibe to be appropriate.”

3. Hannah commits suicide by taking an overdose in the novel

According to the director Brian Yorkey, the decision to change Hannah’s method of suicide to slitting her wrists was made with a specific goal in mind: “We worked very hard not to be gratuitous, but we did want it to be painful to watch because we wanted to be very clear that there is nothing, in any way, worthwhile about suicide.”

4. In the series Clay and Hannah have the same poster on their bedroom walls

If you look very carefully, you can see that Clay and Hannah both have the same Arcade Fire Reflektor tour poster up in their rooms.

5. Selena Gomez was originally going to play the role of Hannah

She backed out and became executive producer on the show instead because she said she knew the book had such a huge cult following, and she wanted viewers to be able to see themselves in Hannah.

6. In the series, Chris Navarro had to learn to drive for his role as Tony

Before started filming the show “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Christian couldn’t drive, but he had to get his license so he was able to drive the red Ford Mustang seen in the series.

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7. Katherine Langford holds Australian nationality

Katherine was born in Perth and was super-excited to get the chance to live the American dream during filming.

“This may just be me, but I feel like everyone’s dream is to live as an American high school student. There are so many teen films set in America that you live vicariously through them, anyway. But it was totally different. I got to experience Halloween, and prom, and cheerleaders… and the Fourth of July! It was crazy.”

7. Selena and the cast inked matching tattoos

Selena, Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) and Alisha Boe (Jessica) all inked the matching semi-colon tattoos on their wrist.

Tommy posted this photo on Instagram with the caption: “Today was a magical day. Another day to be grateful to be alive. Alisha, Selena, and I went together to get ; tattoos. The ; symbol stands for an end of one thought and a beginning of another. Instead of a period, authors use the semicolon to continue a sentence. For us, it means a beginning of another chapter in life, in lieu of ending your life. I struggled with addiction and depression issues through high school and early college. I reached out and asked for help. At the time, I thought my life was over, I thought I’d never live past the age of 21. Today I’m grateful to be alive, in this new chapter of life in recovery, standing with my colleagues and friends, making art that helps other people. If you’re struggling, if you feel suicidal, I urge you to click the link in my bio. Ask for help. Start a new chapter with the support of others. ⛅️☀️and RIP Amy Bleul, who started the semicolon movement.”

8. Dylan Minnette hadn’t read the book before he started filming the series

He said: he didn’t want to confuse the character in the book with the character in the show, so he didn’t read it.

9. Skye role in the series portrayed by Sosie Bacon

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10. Hannah uses a specific nail paint to write on her tapes

It’s called Endless Blue by Sinful Colors.

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