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Zoe Lyons is a British comedian who launch her career with the ITV reality game show Survivor in 2001. In 1992, she graduated from the University of York and began her acting career. She won the Funny Women Awards, beating Anna Crilly and Janie Phayre, in 2004. She’s kept herself busy over the past few years with what can only be called a major midlife crisis. Her career crisis became a life-changing experience as she challenged societal norms and redefined her priorities. She is on her high peak in acting career and lands on the tv screen in past few years perfectly. In 2020, she shared an Instagram post about her alopecia in hopes it would help “someone even just a little bit”.

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Zoe Lyons: Bald Ambition

Zoe Lyons: Bald Ambition is a 2023 comedy show. The new standup show takes a while to get going, but it hits 50 minutes in the end with content that strikes a perfect balance between the serious and the outrageous. It manages to find its groove and reaches its milestone. The show is a perfect mix of thought-provoking content and moments.

The show ends with Lyons becoming the public face of the condition due to hair loss caused by stress which she puts down to midlife angst and other factors.

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In the first half of the show, there are some impactful moments, such as when an Austrian doctor offers to help with a shoulder injury caused by a winter sports accident. There are also weaker parts that are not improved by the actress, Lyons, laughing at her own jokes. Act Two is more cohesive, focusing on the protagonist’s experience of turning fifty and going through a midlife crisis that complete with buying a sports car and ending her marriage.

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Zoe Lyons Height & Weight

Zoe Lyons’ height is 5 feet 6 inches. In 2009, she was featured in The Independent’s tenth annual Pink List. In 2008, she won Dave’s Joke of the Fringe award. She weighs around 71 Kg (156 lbs).

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Zoe LyonsProfile
Real NameZoe Ann Lyons
Nick NameZoe
Age52 years old (in 2023)
Birthday3 October 1971
ProfessionBritish comedian and TV presenter
Famous ForMock the Week,
Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow,
The Paul O’Grady Show,
The Wright Stuff,
Room 101,
Dave’s One Night Stand and
BirthplaceHaverfordwest, Wales
Net Worth$5 million
SchoolCatholic primary school

Who Is Zoe Lyons’ Wife?

Zoe Lyons is happily married with her wife Sindy, a nurse. She is originally from the Netherlands, who is 14 years her senior. Couple resides in Brighton. They first met 20 years ago whilst on holiday on the isle of Lesvos, through mutual friends.

Image Credit: Instagram “I don’t know what has become of me but this is the kinda thing I do now for fun. Why, at 52 ,can’t I just be happy with a nice trip to the garden centre?”

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Zoe Lyons Net Worth

Zoe Lyons’ net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She not only worked on television but also in radio. She appeared on show such as PMQ with Andy Parsons (BBC Radio 4), Clive Anderson’s Chat Room (BBC Radio 2) and The Unbelievable Truth (BBC Radio 4).

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Zoe Lyons Facts

  • Zoe Lyons working as a waitress while seeking acting roles before her fame.
  • At that time, she began attending stand-up comedy performances.
  • In Glasgow, her first job was in a jam factory.
  • She believes in “Strength comes in different forms. Vulnerability is my frickin super power. When you don’t look or feel your best, the only thing you can do is try your best( and have a little cry…that’s fine too)”


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