How Much Is Daniel A. Jost? Everything To know About Colin Jost Father


It is unclear how much money Daniel A. Jost has in total, but it’s estimated that his son, Colin Jost, has a net worth of $8 million. The famous American comedian actor and writer best recognized for hosting Saturday Night Live is the father of Daniel A. Jost, a well-known TV personality from Canada. He is a native of Staten Island who has spent most of his life there.

Daniel and his wife have amassed enough money to raise their two boys, Colin and Case, into successful individuals. He used to teach at Staten Island Technical High School and has been residing on the island since he was a kid.

Daniel A. Jost Net Worth

According to Edweek, as a former educator, Daniel A. Jost’s salary is expected to be $77,000-$82,000 on average. However, given the fact that he is the father of two renowned actors, his actual worth may well exceed the predicted range.

He has no known relationship with other enterprises and has worked as a teacher most of his life, according to reports.

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Daniel A. Jost Wife And Family

Daniel A. Jost has been married to his wife, Kerry J. Kelly, for more than 45 years since June 1975. She is an MD in medical health and has served the Staten Island Fire Department Medical center all of her life.

During his childhood, Chris was a fan of watching TV series. He has a lovely family with his wife and two sons, Colin Jost and Casey Jost. Colin is the eldest son in the family, having had greater success in his career as an American television personality.

Colin Jost, a popular comics actor, married acclaimed actress Scarlett Johansson in 2020 and has a wonderful marriage. Daniel’s family of four members to six was expanded when Casey got married to actress Lisa Kleinman. Colin and Casey are lovely children who enjoy spending time with their father on the weekends for some special family bonding.

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Daniel A. Jost Age and Twitter

According to official records, Daniel A. Jost was born in approximately 1825 and died around 1890. His birth date is unknown, and his age has only been estimated in this case. He is not currently active on Twitter but his son Colin being a celebrity is actively available on Twitter @ColinJost.


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