Zoe Jade Hallam From ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ Age, Now, Wiki, Profession

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Zoe Jade Hallam is a model and boutique owner from Lincolnshire who appears in ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ Before long, Matthew Hardy had begun creating fictitious accounts and using her photos to send harmful messages to her, posing as a photographer and expressing interest in collaborating with her.

Matthew made a fake account pretending to be her partner’s father who is a doctor, and used it to have inappropriate conversations with Zoe. He sent sexual messages to others after contacting her.

He used to call her hundreds of times and also impersonated her online, bombarding others with sexual messages. Zoe Jade Hallam says,

“You’d block one account and then he’d make another one, Or then he wouldn’t be contacting me, he’d be contacting a family friend, their boyfriend or their husband.”

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Even after all these years, she still feels ’embarrassed’ to be around some of the people Hardy communicated with through those false accounts. She says,

“I think that will stay forever. I don’t think that will ever go away. Even when I watched the documentary, it still makes me emotional. It brings back that feeling of: why have you done this to me?”

She was really scared about her safety because she thought someone was following her. One night, she opened up to a bouncer about it and he suggested that she shouldn’t go to the restroom alone.

How Old Is Zoe Jade Hallam Now?

Zoe Jade Hallam age is 31 years old, as of 2024. She was in the third tranche of women caught up in Hardy’s net. It began in the year 2018. She remembers that the first message was sent on Snapchat.

Hardy’s fake account was used to start inappropriate conversations with teenage girls while he pretended to be the father of Hallam’s partner. Zoe said,

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“My boyfriend’s dad was a doctor. It was really damaging to his professional reputation. And I felt to blame. It was me that drew Matthew Hardy to him. He ruined so many relationships. Because people would associate me with drama. They thought I was causing it. It wasn’t me. But my name was on everything.”

Zoe Jade Hallam reported Matthew Hardy

In April 2019, Zoe Jade Hallam reported the harassment to Lincolnshire police. She was terrified and on the verge of losing it.

She kept a samurai sword by her bed because she was afraid of someone breaking in. She gave the police Hardy’s phone number, but they couldn’t find it.

“They said they only do that in high-profile cases, like a rape or a murder. I said: ‘So we have to wait for that to happen before you do anything?’”


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