Who Is Zak Steiner: Actor who portrays Aaron Jacobs in Euphoria

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Aaron, Nate’s brother, appeared in season 2 episode 4 of Euphoria for the first time. Fans are curious to learn more about the actor who portrays the oldest Jacob sibling.

In episode 4 of Euphoria, Aaron Jacobs, Nate’s older brother, appeared again. He was first seen in season 1 and has since made a number of appearances; he returned in the most recent episode to observe his father Cal have a meltdown and confess his hidden double life.

Aaron left speechless at Cal’s reveal

When Cal gets home from the bar intoxicated, he pees in a circle next to the front door – it’s clear that he’s going to have an explosion.

He informs the boys that he’s had sex with a lot of males, women, and transsexuals; and he even admitted to sleeping with a guy.

We learned that he couldn’t be with Derek since Marsha was pregnant, which made sense why he hated Aaron so much. Despite this, we do know that Cal really regrets having Nate as a son, most likely because he’s a mirror of everything Cal detests about himself.

Aaron can only respond to his father with: “What are you talking about?” I have no idea what you’re saying. Meanwhile, it’s quite amusing to witness Nate keep quiet since he already knows about Cal’s activities.

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Zak Steiner is the “most normal” Jacobs brother

Adam is a 26-year-old actor. In 2015, he made his professional debut as an insignificant character in Jessica Jones as Bad. Since then, he’s been in 18 movies – including Law & Order: Jack Peters and NCIS: Richard Devol – although Euphoria has been his most prominent role.

He’s been in many famous movies, including The Outsiders and Pitch Perfect 3. He also costarred with Camila Cabello in the music video for her song Bad Liar, which he shared on Instagram.

It made perfect sense for the program to cast another tall actor to complete the Jacobs family – Steiner is supposedly 6ft 2in. He was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, and has a brother named Dexter who is older.

You may also find him playing tennis or having a leisurely evening with his pals playing board games like Catan when he’s not at work.

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