Yevgeny Selivanov (Putin’s Doctor) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

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Russian President Vladimir Putin was visited by a cancer surgeon at his residence on the Black Sea at least 35 times over four years, according to the findings of an inquiry. According to Proyekt, a Russian investigative journalism organization, several physicians, including Yevgeny Selivanov, a prominent oncologist who specializes in thyroid cancer, are reportedly in attendance at Putin’s daily sessions.

According to reports, Selivanov spent a total of 166 days with the Russian strongman when he was in Sochi. According to accounts, Putin, a black belt judoka who will turn 70 this October, has also sought therapy through alternative and holistic medicine. Yevgeny Selivanov (Putin’s Doctor) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Yevgeny Selivanov Bio, Wiki

According to a study, Putin, who has long cherished his “alpha” reputation, may be suffering from a severe physical affliction. This is according to the report. Since 2006, Selivanov has made at least 35 trips to Putin’s home in Sochi, Russia’s Black Sea resort, as reported by Proekt media, which is presently restricted in Russia.

According to a report in The Sun, the swollen face of Vladimir Putin may be the result of chemotherapy and steroid treatment for cancer, according to intelligence sources. Following a meeting with Ivan Dedov, the director of the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, in 2020, Putin has “made his feelings known” about thyroid cancer.

According to the report, “Dedov informed Putin about the high incidence of thyroid cancer and discussed Tyrogin, a new hormonal therapy used to treat metastases that result from thyroid cancer surgery.” “’Is it 95-98 percent recovered?,’ Putin asked, and was told it was yes.

Yevgeny Selivanov Career

According to the article, when Putin returned to Russia following a lengthy absence in early fall of 2017, he acted “particularly strangely.” According to the news story, Putin made the announcement that he was going into isolation because there were too many people around who had contracted coronavirus.

“Even members of the president’s entourage were taken by surprise by the news. It is unclear whether the president was then experiencing any sort of medical treatment, but after that, he began to interact with others from a very far distance – seated on opposite sides of massive tables.”

According to prior reports, Putin is suffering from cancer, which the Kremlin categorically denies. But Dr. Selivanov was “on a business trip,” according to the Central Clinical Hospital, according to the investigative organisation Proekt, which was informed by the hospital that “it is not known when he will return.”

Dr. Alexander Shcheglov, a board-certified ENT surgeon with training from the University of Rochester Medical Center, was also mentioned in the article, who “is so devoted to Putin that he reportedly joins photographs with him at public events.” According to Proekt, a total of 59 visits to Putin over 282 days were tracked.

According to the tale, Shcheglov’s father, a surgeon named Nikolai Shcheglov who belongs to the pro-Putin United Russia party, was recently elected to the Russian parliament.

In the words of The New York Times, “Shcheglov is recognized as being ‘the specialist who, among other things, can be the first to detect thyroid problems including cancer.’

“Another ENT specialist, Dr. Igor Esakov, was mentioned by Proekt as having visited Putin on 38 occasions for a total of 152 days. Meanwhile, cancer surgeon Dr. Selivanov was the third most frequent medical visitor to President Putin, with 35 visits in 166 days.

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