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Who Is William Zabka Wife, Stacie Zabka: What We Know

Stacie Zabka is the wife of actor and writer William Zabka, who is known for his iconic roles. She was born in the United States and has Latin American roots. Stacie Zabka is a multilingual business owner based in the United States. After marrying well-known William Zabka in 2008, she became popular.

Their wedding ceremony was private and intimate, with Stacie exchanging marriage vows with her soul mate, William. Before getting married, Stacie and William had been dating for some time. Let us get to know more about her.

Stacie Zabka biography: According to StarsOffline, Stacie Zabka’s mother was born on May 17. The age of Stacie Zabka is unknown, although she did celebrate her 41st birthday in 2020 according to a newspaper article. According to Dreshare, Zabka married his wife in 2021, when she was 45 years old. Her birth city and birthplace are still unknown as of now. She has not yet released any information regarding her education background.

Stacie Zabka Height & Weight

How tall is Stacie Zabka? She stands at the height of 1.79 m i.e. 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She has a body weight of around 132 lbs i.e. 60 kg. She has a slim body build. Her body measures around 32-24-32 inches. Her eye color is gray and her hair color is blonde. Her sexual orientation is straight.

Stacie is a beautiful woman with attractive physique characteristics. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is blonde. Her face shape is oval, and it complements her hourglass figure. On most occasions, Stacie prefers her hair cropped short and straight or wavy.

Stacie Zabka career

Stacie is a successful businesswoman. Her spouse, William, is an American film producer, actor, and director. In 1984, he starred in the Hollywood blockbuster The Karate Kid. The movie became a hit in the country.

Stacie Zabka’s husband has appeared in many more major Hollywood pictures including Python, Back to School, and others. In 2004, he was also a nominee for the Academy Award in producing and co-writing the film Most. William is an industry icon because of his ability to excellently portray his characters.

William Zabka Family Life

In August 2008, Stacie married William in a small private ceremony. She is the proud mother of two boys. Both of her children are adored by William Zabka. She is very attentive and protective of their kids while parenting. However, she prefers to stay out of the limelight when photographing her spouse and children, so she is generally the one behind the camera.

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Stacie Zabka net worth

Stacie has an estimated net worth of $100,000. Her pay is presently unknown. On the other hand, William’s net worth is believed to be about $2 million owing to his profession as an actor and the numerous parts he plays.

He has a lot more financial streams as a film producer, businessperson, material artist, musician, screenwriter, and songwriter. This explains why his and his wife’s net worths are so different.

Stacie Zabka Social media

Mrs. Zabka is a recluse who almost never uses social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This might be the case since very little is known about her life. She prefers to keep her personal and private life to herself.

Stacie Zabka Facts

  • Stacie Zabka hasn’t been seen in public since 2010. It was at a movie premiere with her spouse when she last attended an event.
  • She despises broadcasting her life on social media sites.
  • Stacie is the adored daughter-in-law to William’s parents, Nancy and Stan. These two are not new names in Hollywood.
  • Stan Zabka, for example, manages and produces music for NBC television programming.

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