Colts star Ryan Kelly and wife Emma mourn tragic death of their daughter

The passing of Mary Kate, the daughter of NFL tight end Ryan Kelly and Emma, has been announced. The pair first met in Atlanta and have been dating for a long time. Emma Kelly is frequently at Colts games to support her husband, who plays for the team.

Ryan and Emma Kelly, the center for the Indianapolis Colts, have announced the sad and unexpected death of their daughter, Mary Kate. It was a cause of Ryan Kelly’s absence from his team’s victory over the New England Patriots on Saturday night.

Family mourns tragic loss of their daughter

“Nothing made me happier than being your Dad,” Kelly wrote on Instagram.

“You gave your Mom and I that gift. You were simply a miracle and always will be. I’m sorry you never got to open those sweet eyes and see us or take your first steps but you have angel wings now. You left this world too soon but we know God had a bigger purpose for you. Your mom and I find comfort knowing you’re being loved on by your great grandparents.

“Thank you for watching over us and your future siblings. I’ll forever wonder who you’d be today. Until we meet again my sweet girl, I love you.”

On Wednesday, Mary Kate’s mother revealed that her daughter’s heart had stopped suddenly at just 19 weeks into her pregnancy.

“I was so angry at first that I had to deliver her, only for it to become the biggest blessing out of this nightmare,” Emma Kelly wrote on Instagram. “It gave Ryan and I the opportunity to hold our little saint, Mary Kate, before officially saying goodbye to her.

“These 19 weeks with her opened our hearts and souls more than we ever imagined possible nda I’m forever grateful we had some time, earth-side, with the little girl who made us mom and dad.

“She was tiny, perfect and incredibly loved from everyone who knew she existed. I don’t think we’ll ever understand why God decided to call her home when he did but our faith is unshaken. He knows better than we and she was needed back home, in Heaven.”

Emma Kelly and her relationship with Ryan

When a job in Atlanta opened up for Emma but necessitated her to travel four or five days per week, she and Ryan Kelly connected. The pair are actually from the same hometown of West Chester, Ohio, but met in an Atlanta bar.

Ryan and Emma began dating, and Jake, Emma’s tiny Yorkshire terrier puppy, immediately won his heart. “They had an immediate connection,” she revealed to Colts News. “Whenever Ryan and I went to my parents’ house, Jake would go crazy.”

Emma moved to Indianapolis to be with Ryan and Jake joined them a year later. Emma has previously remarked on how responsible Ryan is as a dog father, stating, “This has strengthened our relationship because I can see what kind of a parent he’ll be. He’s considerate. He assumes all responsibilities the second Jake walks through the door. I don’t even need to ask; he assumes duties immediately upon entering the house.”

“It’s made me fall in love with him even more,” said Emma. “He’s just so thoughtful and sweet and it’s not just with me – it’s with Jake too. He just goes above and beyond always.”

Emma Kelly on Instagram

Emma Zieverink Kelly can be found on Instagram at emmalouzoo.

She has more than 3,000 followers and has written 843 entries thus far. Emma is a frequent presence at Colts games, where she supports her husband Ryan.

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