Are Lil Xan and Tana Mongeau dating again? IG stories explored

Tana Mongeau recently uploaded a video with her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan on Instagram Stories. Are they back together?

Since breaking into the spotlight, Tana’s love life has been a tornado. Tana hasn’t just achieved great success at 23; she’s also dated a slew of well-known celebrities, including Bella Thorne and Jake Paul.

Are Lil Xan and Tana Mongeau dating again?

It appears that Tana Mongeau and Lil Xan are back together. On Monday, December 20, Zoella posted a series of videos on her Instagram stories featuring her ex-boyfriend. The tales were taken down shortly after, but Def Noodles reposted them.

On May 20, Lovey posted a video of herself and Nessa called “My Boyfriend.” In it, she refers to the rapper as her boyfriend and tags Slingshot singer Nessa.

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In three out of the five tales, they are seen hanging out in two, and they’re spotted in bed completely unclothed while Tana queries Lil Xan, “are we dating again?” She then asks him “are you scared?” and the rapper jokingly replies with an affirmative nod.

Tana and Lil Xan dated for a brief period of time in 2019. Tana issued a tell-all video on her channel in May 2019 following the demise of their short relationship.

YouTuber’s Dating History Explored

Tana’s dating history is well-known among her supporters. Tana has been linked to celebrities such as Bella Thorne and Jake Paul.

She was most recently linked to rapper Chris Miles. Tana dated Brad Sousa, the Justin Bieber lookalike musician, on and off for nearly two years. Hunter Moreno, her best buddy now, has been in a relationship with Tana for a short time. Tana has also been linked to Brad Sousa, the Justin Bieber lookalike artist.

What Is Tana Up To These Days?

Tana has been dancing her way out of 2021 lately, and it hasn’t stopped. Recently, she was seen having a good time with ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne.

The 20-year-old camgirl, who bills her service as “tours that don’t suck,” has also been announced to go on a tour with fellow social media celebrity Bryce Hall. The trip had been scheduled to begin on December 28. COVID-19, according to their website, has delayed the start of the tour.

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