Who is Johnny Sequoyah in Dexter New Blood?


Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) is out for New Blood, as the new spin-off comes to Showtime. This time, the serial killer has moved from the heat of Miami to Iron Lake, New York, a place that really puts the “cold” into “cold-blooded killer.”

Hall is returning as Dexter, and he is not the only guy to return from the original show. Jennifer Carpenter is back as Debra Morgan, returning somehow from beyond the grave to act as the killer’s conscience. John Lithgow confirmed to Newsweek he was returning, as is Dexter’s son Harrison—though a new actor (Jack Alcott) is playing him.

Mostly, though, the show has an entirely new cast, none of whom truly know what Dexter is capable of—though as the trailer hints that people in the town start to go missing, they might find out soon.

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Who is Johnny Sequoyah in Dexter: New Blood?

The answer is Audrey – Johnny Sequoyah

Who is Audrey: Angela’s daughter, a high school student who is popular with her classmates—but is not afraid to cause trouble for a cause she believes in.

Who plays her: Johnny Sequoyah, who first found fame as a lead in the canceled after one season NBC drama Believe. Since then, she has starred in the film Wind Walkers and an episode of American Housewife.

Why Johnny looks familiar

She starred as Bo Adams on NBC’s Believe and had small roles in American Housewife and Among Ravens. Johnny played Taylor Otto in American Housewife’s pilot episode. She was replaced by Meg Donnelly in the second episode.

Johnny, also known as Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg, was born 25 October 2002 in Boise.

Heather Rae and Russell Friedenberg, her parents, now live in Los Angeles. She seems to be destined for showbiz as she follows her father’s lead – he is a well-known director.

Plot of Dexter: New Blood revealed

Dexter: New Blood continues the tension-filled final season. Dexter is now living as Jim Lindsay in Iron Lake, New York.

The revival will be held a decade later than the finale of season 8. Jim now dates Angela Jones (aka Julia Jones), who is the chief of police in the community. Although he hasn’t succumbed to his Dark Passenger in more than ten year, it seems that his inner conscience is starting to creep up on him. He will he return to his old ways?

Eight years after the finale of season 8, a new series of ten episodes was announced in October 2020.

The series can be viewed on Showtime in the USA, and Sky Atlantic in the UK. You can also access all episodes of Dexter on NOW.

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