When Is Ginny And Georgia Season 2 Coming Out: Check Out Latest Updates!

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Ginny & Georgia is set to return for a second season, and filming has already begun. Aaron Ashmore has been added to the cast, which means that filming is now underway for the second season of Ginny & Georgia.

The second season of “Ginny and Georgia” is currently in production, with cameras rolling on the sequel. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about the show’s second season, including who’s returning, what we can anticipate from the plot, and when it will be available on Netflix.

The first season of Ginny and Georgia, created by Sarah Lampert, premiered on Netflix on February 24th, 2021 with ten episodes.

Following the death of Georgia’s husband, the series follows Ginny and Georgia as they move to a smaller city to start over. The show addressed some significant themes such as crime, race, and self-harm, as well as expected subjects like marriage, friendships, and family tensions. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia, including whether it’ll be renewed for a second season. When Is Ginny And Georgia Season 2 Coming Out: Check Out Latest Updates!

How well did Ginny and Georgia perform on Netflix?

We can tell how well Ginny and Georgia succeeded on Netflix thanks to numerous sources, and perhaps what’s most interesting is that a rather well-known pop star gave the series a significant boost in viewership shortly after its debut.

We’re talking about Taylor Swift, who was mentioned in the show in a relatively forgettable jest about how many males one of the characters had gone through when compared to the list of Swift exes throughout the years.

The show has been on FlixPatrol’s top 10 lists for 48 days in the United States and 44 days in the United Kingdom. The program was also very well received in South Africa, much of mainland Europe, and Australia. In 2021, the series ranks #6 in the world’s top 10 shows. After tallying up all of the planet’s best 10 data, this is where we arrive at.

The Smiths was a game-changing moment in American television, revolutionizing the music video genre along with MTV and other channels. In the United States, it aired on the Nielsen top 10 for seven weeks, accumulating over 4,247 million viewing minutes in total.

After debuting at #14 on IMDb Professional, the show shot up to #3 immediately following Swift’s tweet. Finally, Netflix themselves announced viewership statistics for The Smiths during their Q1 2021 investor letter on April 20th, 2021. They stated that 52 million people viewed the program using their 2-minute view duration metric.

In late September 2021, the data revealed that Ginny and Georgia had collected 381 million viewing hours, putting it at #10 on the chart.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Renewal Status

We got word that Ginny and Georgia would be returning with the cast less than two months after the series’ release, producing a video announcing the new season.

“We are so grateful for the tremendous response and love you all have shown Ginny and Georgia,” the pair said in a statement published by the show’s creators, Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert. “We’re really excited about season 2. Brianne and Toni set the highest bar every step of the way, so we can’t wait to return to Wellsbury.”

Given the video, we can safely assume the return of the following cast members:

  • La Torraca as Austin
  • Raymond Ablack as Joe
  • Sara Waisglass as Maxine
  • Felix Mallard as Marcus
  • Scott Porter as Paul
  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen

Ginny and Georgia season 2 Production

Production of the series has been paused since filming began in November 2021. Despite being renewed in April 2021, production hasn’t moved as quickly as other similar shows in the genre such as Virgin River.


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We were finally informed that a production date had been set for September 2021. We can announce that the series is aiming for a November 29th start date, with filming continuing through April 8th, 2021. It appears to follow a similar timetable to season 2 of Firefly Lane, which may imply we’ll see the two again relatively close in release dates.

The official Instagram account for the program announced in mid-October that they were “gearing up to film season two.” Brianne Howey posted a photo on Instagram with Debra Fisher saying, “S2 coming in hot.” In addition, production was getting close; Fisher wrote on Instagram a photo of herself with Brianne Howey stating, “S2 is about to come in hot.

On November 30th, Debra Fisher, who serves as the showrunner for Ginny and Georgia, posted on Instagram that cameras were rolling and season 2 was in production. The clapper below confirms that James Genn will direct the opening episode. With Blue Ice Pictures, Critical Content, and Dynamic Television all contributing to production, filming will take place in Toronto in Canada again this time around. On Twitter in December 2021, Tony Gentry provided a minor update on how things are progressing.

According to a public notice on the region’s website, the show was once again produced in Coburg, Ontario. Filming occurred in the town between February 22nd and 25th at locations including:

  • Victoria Park
  • Victoria Hall

King Steet West from Third Street to Hibernia Street

Given this manufacturing timetable, our best guess is that Ginny and Georgia season 2 will be on Netflix in mid-to-late 2022.

Aaron Ashmore: New Cast Ginny and Georgia Season 2

In January 2022, Aaron Ashmore (who is best known for his role as X-Men and has appeared in recent seasons of Netflix’s Locke & Key) was announced as a new cast addition for season 2.

According to sources, Ashmore will play Gil Timmins (Georgia’s ex and Austin’s father), who has been out of Georgia’s life since he was convicted of embezzlement and sent to prison.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Plot Explored

The most obvious concern for fans is Georgia’s capacity to be involved in her prior husband’s death and disappearance. If the consequences of her behavior catch up with her, we could see the series take a really twisted turn.

We’ve already seen several members from the families’ history re-emerge, and we expect this to continue in season 2.

At the conclusion of season one, we saw Ginny and Austin depart amid contentious circumstances. We’re sure they’ll turn up safe and sound, but their mother will have to face her role in causing them to leave town.

We also anticipate that Zion’s father, Paul, will leave Boston for Wellsbury to be closer with his children if there are any sparks between him and Georgia.

During the first season, Ginny’s personal life went to pot. Will Season 2 see Ginny reconcile with her friendship group or will things get even messier?

We anticipate that after cheating on her boyfriend, Hunter, Ginny will look into things with her bad-boy neighbor, Marcus. In the meantime, fans of the series can watch David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes in The Afterparty special for the show.

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