What are Walgreens’ Christmas Eve opening hours for 2021?

This information could be useful to last-minute shoppers. Don’t worry if your Christmas shopping has taken over your schedule and that it is still incomplete. We’re providing Walgreens’ Christmas Eve opening hours so you can go on a last-minute adventure.

What are Walgreens’ Christmas Eve Hours?

The Walgreens store is fortunately open on Christmas Eve, and if you need anything from Walgreens this holiday season, the shop will be open regular hours. According to USA Today, the majority of Walgreen’s stores will be open their usual hours on Christmas Eve (8am until 10pm), however pharmacy hours may vary.

Although hours may vary by location, most Walgreens pharmacies are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., with the exception of some stores that stay open later on weekends and holidays. nThe store locater here is the best way to verify opening hours for your local Walgreens.

Likewise, you can visit Walgreens.com or contact your nearest store.

Is Walgreens Open On Christmas Day?

On Christmas Day, Walgreens will be open but hours may vary. “Most Walgreens stores will be open during regular business hours on Christmas Day for any last-minute supplies or healthcare needs,” a spokesperson for Walgreens told Good Housekeeping in discussions.

“Twenty-four-hour Walgreens pharmacies will be open, with other select pharmacies open with modified hours and most pharmacies closed for the day.”

You can try calling your local store or going there to check their opening hours.

Will Other Stores Be Open On Christmas Eve?

Take a look at the store’s opening hours for Christmas Eve 2021 if your Walgreens list goes over the stock:

Best Buy: Open 8am until 7pm.

Dollar General: Open until 10pm.

Hobby Lobby: Open 9am until 5:30pm.

HomeGoods: Open 7am until 6pm.

JCPenney: Open 8am until 6pm.

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