Unique Pumpkin Carving ideas 2021

Traditionally, the kids carve pumpkins while the grown-ups take care of other tasks. It’s a great activity for everyone in your family to do together. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with carving your pumpkin into a traditional Jack O’Lantern shape! You can really get creative with spooky, funny faces and different creatures. Here are some ideas to help you get started on your 2014 Halloween pumpkin carving extravaganza! Happy Haunting.

2021 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas.

Carving out an Iron Man face

If your child is obsessed with Marvel superheroes, then chances are he or she will love an Iron Man pumpkin on Halloween! You can even use your favorite photos of your son or daughter wearing an Iron Man costume to get the perfect carving angles. Paint the eyes and mouth on before you begin carving out the rest of the face; it’ll make things a lot easier!

Snorting Pig Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

If you’re looking for some simple (yet funny) ideas, then check out this snorting pig design that’s becoming very popular among pumpkin carvers this year. To create the pig face, carve out eye holes first; this will help with placing nostrils closer to ground level. Then, carefully cut round nostril shapes below each eye hole (but don’t worry if they aren’t symmetrical). Finally, carefully scoop out the mouth area.

A Big-Faced Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

This pumpkin is another crowd favorite this year! All you need to carve it are two eyes, a nose and a large smiling mouth. Start by cutting out the eyes first, then use your fingers to smooth out the rest of the carving lines until you’re happy with them! If you do create any carvings that seem too deep or sharp for skin (like eyebrows), feel free to sand these areas down before painting.

Grease Lightning Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

If your child loves his or her John Travolta Grease CD, then we’ve got just the face for him! This hilarious design has everything from lightning bolts and hair spikes all the way down to a raised eyebrow that will surely get laughs from your neighbors. You can even carve out a simple lightning bolt design on either side of the pumpkin if you want to go all-out with this one!

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Dogs

Dogs love treats just as much as people do–and pumpkins are no exception. If your pooch is up for some carving, then why not let him join in on the activity? All you need to do is draw his favorite shape (or face) onto the pumpkin and let him munch away while you supervise. Make sure he doesn’t try biting too deep; some pumpkin parts are better left intact!

Owl Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

If you want to carve out something simple this Halloween, then check out this owl face. You can make this pumpkin carving design even more fun by painting the inside of each mouth red, which will give it a cool 3D effect when looking at the final creation from different angles!

Ghost Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

One of our favorite designs is definitely this ghost one! Though it may look complicated at first glance, you just need to carve out four large circles in order to get started. Then, carefully cut lines away from these circles so that they resemble the outline of eyes and mouths. Once you have all six “eyes”, you can begin adding in your hair and other facial features for a totally spooky product Have fun with whatever colors or designs you choose to carve this Halloween! Just make sure you have enough pumpkins for everyone in the family.

Pumpkin Carving Template

Use this template to carve a Minecraft themed pumpkin. Just stick it on and go! Remember that the template works best on pumpkins of similar size. If your local superstore is out of small pumpkins, reuse the template and just color over the parts you don’t need with a black marker after carving.

You can also print off this stencil for more of a challenge! Note: It may not fit exactly onto some pumpkin shapes so adjust as needed. You can still use markers to fill in uncovered areas if necessary. Happy Halloween!

Batman Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

This batman pumpkin design is perfect for your favorite little superhero who wants to help out with carving on Halloween night! Make sure he has plenty of strong, sharp tools for getting through the pumpkin’s thick outer layer. Then, use different sized scoops and cutters to carve away at the eyes, nose and mouth until they’re just how you want them. You’ll be done before you know it–and so will he!

Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Dogs

These are some of my favorite dog pumpkin carving ideas . I enjoy carving and painting pumpkins each year and love all the different designs out there. I’m a big fan of Dachshund and Corgi dogs and have seen similar dog designs to these on Pinterest! They are really fun to carve, especially for kids who love their pets. These pumpkin carving ideas would also make great gift tags this holiday season.

Pumpkin Carving Tutorials You Won’t Believe! The fall season is just about here and pumpkin carving night is right around the corner. What better way than to decorate for this holiday with something spooky? Here are some of the most amazing pumpkin carving ideas I’ve seen. Octopus Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

This octopus is incredible! It features a full body, eight arms and an incredibly detailed face. The eyes are done in white, but you could easily use glow paint to make the inside look like shiny black beads. This design takes about five hours to complete and painters can use whatever colors they’d like–just be sure to let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Skeleton Pumpkin Carving Tutorial We all know that Halloween is one of the scariest holidays out there–but not when you’re carving pumpkins! There’s nothing more ghoulish than these funny little skeletons. They feature a single arm and leg, which is super easy to carve out so that it looks like they’re holding one another’s hands or kicking a soccer ball. You can even freehand the face to make it even spookier!

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Cute Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

Last but not least, we’ve got this adorable koala design for your pumpkin carving pleasure! This would be great for anyone who loves cuddly creatures or those living down under. And as cute as this design is, ensure you still follow safety precautions as you carve away at the outer layer of the pumpkin itself. Check out our previous blog post on How To Carve A Pumpkin . Cuteness overload! Which one of these pumpkin carving tutorials will you be trying this year? To view these designs in real size, check out the WizLivin website or click on one of the images to see it in full screen.

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