How to make a Carved Pumpkin in Minecraft

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Minecraft has taken on a new trend this Halloween with players around the world creating carvable Pumpkins and sharing their masterpieces on reddit. The first pumpkin was created by user EpicMinerMaster and shared on reddit.

Since then many of the users have started posting their own designs to share with others. With such a simple design that can be implemented into any play style, there is sure to be a creative “pumpkin” for everyone.

A player by the name of “Jojo” has made a pumpkin that is both an homage to another reddit user and creepy at the same time.

Another designer by the name of “Zip” has created a pumpkin inspired by my very own avatar. It is simply stunning how such simple designs can have so much detail put into them just using blocks in Minecraft. Thank you for this lovely design Zip.

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The next creation was based off another popular character from a different franchise, Pikachu from Pokémon . This creation was so popular it had to be viewed twice.

Here we have another design by “kingborax6” ( This one is unique as it allows the player to enter inside for an underwater fight against Lady Luck herself. The player can walk on the stairs and hide behind the gold blocks for protection from her wrath.

How to make a Carved Pumpkin in Minecraft

This next design is impressive not only for the amount of detail that has been put into it but also because of its difficulty. It looks like a lot of work went into this one, and with 30 diamonds to be earned in game it seems like it was worth all the effort.

Can you craft a pumpkin in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a pumpkin is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game.

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