Tommy Vietor and wife Hanna announces Baby Daughter Death News

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After his wife Hanna had a miscarriage at 24 weeks, Tommy Vietor has spoken about the devastating loss of their infant girl. Following the distressing news, many fans and friends of the couple came to their aid.

Tommy Vietor and wife Hanna Open Up About Baby Loss

Their newborn baby girl has died. In a devastating Instagram post, former White House spokesman Josh Earnest wrote that “the anguish is real, on Thursday, January 27th our baby girl arrived into this world after only 24 weeks. A knot in her umbilical robbed her of nutrients and us of our future together. We are so blessed and grateful for the hours we had to stare at her, kiss her, and hold her in our arms.”

He continued: “Life is a gift, one that can float by unnoticed, routine and mundane. At life’s most extreme moments, whether from overwhelming joy or inconsolable grief, you often feel the most alive – enharmonic notes that sound a profound awareness of and gratitude for life. Our baby girl gave us that gift, even as life was stolen from her.”

He asked close friends and fans who wished to send flowers if they would like to do so. “put those resources towards helping women and parents who aren’t as lucky as we are”.

People Sends Support To Couple

Many friends sent healing prayers and kind wishes to the family, which was hit by the death of its two members.

“I am so so sorry Tommy. Sending you and Hanna and your family lots of love,” wrote Rachel Bonnetta.

“My whole heart is with you. I’m so sorry for this devastating loss,” said Liz Plank.

“All of my love, care, and concern to you during this difficult moment. I’m grateful for your bravery in sharing your wonderful baby’s journey with us.” “Love and strength to you and Hanna, Tommy,” said Ilhan Omar.

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Tommy Responds To Messages

A Twitter user responded to the outpouring of support with a second post, stating that he or she was touched by everyone who had reached out and asked for assistance.

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“I want to say thank you to all who responded to this or reached out in some way,” he wrote. “I’m trying to respond to as many people as I can, but I want you all to know that the kindness, love and empathy we’ve received from friends and strangers is literally keeping us alive. So thank you.”


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