Timothée Chalamet New Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan: Relationship Explored

The pair has a long history of magic on-screen together. We couldn’t help but compliment their rapport when they worked together in Little Women or Lady Bird.

Since the public debut of The French Dispatch, in which both actors appear together, some fans have been guessing whether Timothee and Saoirse are dating in real life.If you’ve heard these stories, let us dispel any misconceptions you may have about their personal lives and why you should avoid believing everything you hear.

No, Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan Aren’t Dating

Given their on-screen interactions, some may have guessed or assumed a romantic relationship between these two. Of course, when it comes to keeping their personal lives private, they are superior to anybody else. However, in real life, they are not romantically linked.

When they were both starring in Lady Bird, their friendship was formed. The pair has nothing but the finest things to say about one another when they aren’t bickering like a couple on-screen.

Timothee told Entertainment Weekly in 2019, “It’s so rare with Saoirse — I’m so f***ing grateful to get to work with her,” before adding that if he ever penned a book, he would dedicate a chapter to the actress and call it “A chapter of Saoirse.”

Who Is The French Dispatch Actress Dating?

Saoirse has not mentioned her boyfriend in public, but she is believed to be dating Jack Lowden. According to Page Six, they have been dating since 2018.

At the time, a source told the news that they do not know “when they first met” but that they are sure they are “Very happy and kind.” They added that according to their Instagram posts and videos dated a year ago or later, she was “dating Jack Lowden” at the time.

Although neither Jack nor Saoirse has acknowledged their supposed relationship, they were sighted together on a walk in London in October 2021.

The Actor’s Dating Life Remains A Mystery

Meanwhile, Timothee’s personal life continues to fascinate people as he remains tight-lipped. In 2013, he was linked to Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, and most recently, Eiza Gonzalez has been mentioned.

Fans of the relationship between Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan are shipping them together, despite the fact that they’re both men. Lady Bird’s creator, Great Gerwig, who cast these actors together in her film, said: “Who wouldn’t want them to date? They’re incredibly attractive,” according to Vogue’s 73 questions.

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