Who Is The TikTok Real Plunger Guy: Hero Of The SNL Skit

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Everyone wants to know who the real plunger guy on TikTok is after watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all of the information for you.

This week’s episode of SNL decided to address the Ukraine-Russia conflict, bringing TikTokers into the picture. While the rest of the scene had people giggling, one character stood out: the plunger guy from TikTok. Who Is The TikTok Real Plunger Guy: Hero Of The SNL Skit.

Who Is The TikTok Real Plunger Guy?

The TikTok plunger guy is Kazuhisa Uekus, a Japanese comedian who goes by the TikTok handle @uespiiiii.1115 and refers to himself as Mr Uekusa. He performs using the TikTok handle mr uespa and is 29 years old.

The comedian has been entertaining people on the platform for quite some time now, having 9.3 million followers.

Prior to becoming well-known as “the plunger guy,” Uekusa was known as the tablecloth guy because he used to perform with one frequently.

A Look At His Famous Plunger Video:

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The phrase “TikTok” was used by Uekusa to describe his plunger video, in which he sticks them to his chest and then lights a candle with the same.

The clip may be seen here. During the day of Valentine’s Day, comedian Bill Burr posted a video in which he gives his girlfriend a heart-shaped box filled with chocolate. Since then, it has been seen over 5 million times.

SNL’s Skit Explored

President Joe Biden goes to famous influencers for fresh ideas to assist with the continuing tension between Ukraine and Russia, as depicted in this Saturday Night Live sketch.

Addressing the crowd, Bowen Yang playfully took on the role of plunger guy. “The notion of inquiring TikTok stars about how to combat Russia may appear to be a joke,” he said while addressing the spectators. Never underestimate the power and reach of new technology in young people’s hands.

TikTok isn’t just some juvenile gimmick; it has far more power and influence than your nightly news.”

Yang’s final words were: “Oh, I’m 55. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to move this plunger to my crotch, attach a knife at the end, and attempt to slice an apple in half.” The video he was alluding to may be seen above.

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