‘The Dropout’ Episode 6 Release Date And Time

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After Theranos’ collapse, fans are eager to see what happens next — so, when will episode 6 be released? Every Thursday, The Dropout returns with new episodes. On March 24th, the next episode will be available. Hulu original programs are generally released on the service at around 11:00 p.m. PST.

When the sixth chapter begins, Hulu will have only two weeks to conclude the narrative. That means things are about to get interesting on the show. When episode 6 debuts on the streaming service, what should viewers anticipate?

It’s been a few months since The Dropout was released on Hulu, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of episode 6. This week’s episode is set to air on March 24th, and it will be interesting to see what happens next in the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. According to Decider, Hulu has released a schedule for the entire series.

This is the complete release schedule for the Hulu series:

  • March 3: Ep. 1-3
  • March 10: Ep. 4
  • March 17: Ep. 5
  • March 24: Ep. 6
  • March 31: Ep. 7
  • April 7: Ep. 8

What to expect when episode 6 comes out on Hulu

With episode 5’s assertion that Elizabeth Holmes is a phony, The Dropout finds itself in an interesting position heading into episode 6. Although the Hulu series has yet to see the truth revealed, it appears that it will in next week’s installment.

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“Iron Sisters” is the sixth chapter of the story, and it promises to expose numerous players engaged in Theranos debunking.

Courtesy of Hulu, here’s the synopsis for The Dropout Episode 6:

“Fresh out of college and newly employed by Theranos, Tyler Schultz and Erika Cheung discover shocking truths about Elizabeth and the company. Richard and Phyllis work with John Carreyrou to build a case against Elizabeth.”

The stakes are getting higher and higher as the show approaches Elizabeth’s trial and conviction. It’ll be interesting to see how it brings those real-life events to the small screen.

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The first five episodes of The Dropout are currently streaming on Hulu. Check out episode 6 on Thursday, March 24th.

Is Drop Out A True Story?

Hulu’s original miniseries “The Dropout,” the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford dropout who tried to revolutionize the blood-testing industry but failed to do so while cheating hundreds of investors.

Is The Dropout on netflix?

Unfortunately, no. The Dropout is a Hulu original miniseries and will be streaming exclusively on Hulu in the United States.

Who Plays Sunny Balwani?

Naveen Andrews plays Elizabeth Holmes’ boyfriend in ‘The Dropout’ David Folkenflik speaks with Naveen Andrews, who plays Sunny Balwani in “The Dropout,” Hulu’s portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes and the story of blood testing startup, Theranos.


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