Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ is an American supernatural thriller film that was directed by Russell Mulcahy for Paramount+. It stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate, JR Bourne as Chris Argent, Ian Bohen as Peter Hale, Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore and more. The film was a box office success and also Paramount+’s most-watched original movie in the first day of its debut.

At the center of this story is Allison’s resurrection and its impact on Scott and Chris (JR Bourne), her father. Then on, Teen Wolf was in its prime when it balanced success with tragedy. The Hale family suffered a great loss after Derek was killed during the last conflict. Find more about the aftermath of Derek’s death and the Hale family’s journey to come to terms with their tragedy as they fight to keep their supernatural lives hidden amidst the chaos.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

Scott and his friends learn that Allison has been brainwashed. She was brainwashed by the Nogitsune which plays by actor, (Aaron Hendry). He makes Allison believe that they killed her family. Moreover, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) tries to make Allison remember who she once was. Other the other side, Allison begins hunting his friends. After the fail attempt for convincing Allison, Scott keep himself in the front of Allison. He risks his own life to help Allison remember her true identity and break free from the Nogitsune’s control.


As the Nogitsune takes the other pieces off the board, he prepares to make his divine move. With a supremely confident look upon his face, he takes a deep breath and makes his move. Years ago, When the Nogitsune faced Scott and his pack, Allison died in Scott’s arms. This time, the Nogitsune wants to get revenge on Scott by causing him to die in Allison’s arms. Driven by vengeance, the Nogitsune is determined to make Scott suffer by having him experience the same heartbreak he did all those years ago, only this time with a more tragic ending.

With the help of a chemical accelerant, the hooded figure sets numerous fires in the Beacon Hills forest, while Scott, Lydia and Chris experience visions of a ghostly Allison in distress, which turns out to be Adrian Harris, the group’s high school chemistry teacher, revealing the mystery behind the mysterious figure.

The Nogitsune was unleashed by Harris because they share the same goal, which is to avenge Scott McCall. To achieve their shared purpose, the Nogitsune was unleashed by Harris as an ally in the fight against Scott McCall.


As a result of the Nogitsune’s power of illusion, at the end of the movie, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Noah, Liam, Hikari, Eli, Scott, and Allison are entrapped in a corpsebound world created by the Nogitsune. Trapped and unable to escape, the group must find a way to break the Nogitsune’s power and return home. To do this, they must use their combined strength and knowledge to outwit the Nogitsune and break the illusion before it consumes them. Lydia, Jackson, Melissa, Peter, and Chris are being held hostage by the Oni outside of a mountain ash barrier while Lydia Jackson is already trapped inside. Without a way to break the barrier, the five must find a way to free Lydia and escape the Oni’s grasp.

Scott is fighting a losing battle against the Nogitsune as a result of this but at least partially succeeds in reminding Allison of their shared past, which helps turn her to his side. Scott’s efforts are partially successful, allowing him to emotionally connect with Allison and reignite their former bond – a development that could help turn the tide of the battle.


Since Scott wants to make sure that all of his friends are alive, he agrees to allow the Nogitsune to triumph by playing the Divine Move of Allison murdering Scott. Allison cunningly fires off her wolfsbane arrows at Scott, hitting him directly in the heart. Having fallen for Allison’s ploy, the Nogitsune believes that it has won the battle but has in fact failed. However, Scott had foreseen the Nogitsune’s plan and had taken precautions to ensure his survival, much to the Nogitsune’s dismay.

Despite the arrows that were intended to kill him, Hikari’s Fire Kitsune spirit had been guarding Scott all this time. So much so, his injuries healed in no time at all! In a nick of time, Parrish and Malia arrived with silver bullets capable of destroying even Oni; saving Scott from certain death. Parrish morphs into his Hellhound form and Lydia accesses her Banshee powers to assist those in the illusion, foiling the Nogitsune’s Devine Move. Scott then rallies his pack for a decisive battle.

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