Who Is The Wife Of Stephen Smith: Video Went Viral

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Madison Cawthorn, a young woman who had accused the democratic North Carolina congressman’s office of doing nothing after she was assaulted by two males on March 14, 2018, appeared to be groped by one of the congressman’s male employees in a viral video. In the clip shared by Meidas Touch’s Twitter account, Cawthorn is seen sitting next to another guy inside a vehicle.

He claims that I have a lot of passion and desire, and that I want to see a naked body beneath my hands in the video. The person who was filming it said, “Me too.” I’d also like to see it. And there was a strange chuckle from the audience as well. Who Is The Wife Of Stephen Smith: Video Went Viral.

Who Is Stephen Smith?

Hundreds of comments were posted, and they began to share with one another after I put it on the internet. The video was seen 1.3 million times and had 16.8k likes. People were taking incorrect, suggesting that he is mentally unstable. They say that he has a sick mind for liking people who are naked. Hasn’t he been friends with them for long enough to know what they’re about?

According to the political group Fire Madison Cawthorn, who is attempting to have Smith investigated for alleged misconduct and improper behavior, this video was submitted as part of the congressman’s filling with the Office of Congressional Ethics. Smith has received loans and other gifts from Cawthorn that were not declared in the staff member’s paperwork, according to the fillings.

Madison Cawthorn Video

The friendship between Smith and Cawthorn is personal. They were close. They share information with one another. For many years, they have been engaged and shared photographs on Instagram and Twitter. You may also check it out on social media. We’ve hidden the link somewhere in this post so you can discover it more easily.

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Stephen Smith Wife

In December 2021, Cawthorn and his wife Cristina Bayardelle announced that they were officially separating. They stated that Cawthorn’s foray into politics had placed a strain on their relationship.

The Fire Madison Cawthorn group which is separated by the American Muckrakers PAC also submitted screenshots of what is believed to be Venmo payments between Smith and the congressman with notes such as Getting naked for me in Sweden, The stuff we did in Amsterdam, and The quickie at the airport and breaking and entering.

Smith allegedly sent a Venmo payment to Cawthorn, including text messages such as “loving me daily and nightly.” As of right now, we’ve got this much information, but if anything new arises, we’ll certainly let you know.

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