Stacy Tremayne Chism: All About The Dad of Philip Chism

Stacy Tremayne Chism is the dad of Philip Chism who was 14-years-old when he raped and stabbed his 24-year-old teacher Colleen Ritzer to death in 2013, has been sentenced to life in prison.

According to an interview with Chism’s former girlfriend, she finds it hard to believe that he could have murdered his teacher as he was never someone who got angry easily. A classmate mentions that Ritzer made Chism stay after class because he was doodling in his notebook.

Stacy Tremayne Chism Wiki

Stacy Tremayne Chism was born on April 17, 1975 and he is currently 48 years old. He got married to Diana Amanda Chism in 1998 and have two children named Philip Chism and Isabella Christina Chism. He holds American nationality. Couple marriage took place in Clarksville, Tennessee, United States.

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What Happened With Stacy Tremayne Chism’s Son?

Stacy Tremayne Chism’s son Philip Chism is serving his sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years on a murder charge, but he received 40-year concurrent sentences on rape and robbery charges.

Philip’s mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the sentence given. She cried quietly as he was sentenced. She believed that the state Supreme Judicial Court was at fault for this ruling, as they had decided in December 2013 that young offenders could not be given a life sentence without any chance of parole. She released a statement,

“Words can’t express the amount of pain and sorrow these past 2 1/2 years have been,” she said. However, there is no one who has suffered more than the Ritzer family. My utmost esteem, prayers and humble respect is with them today as they continue their journey to heal.”


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Chism was found guilty of sexually assaulting Ritzer in the bathroom but he was not convicted of a second rape that occurred in the woods where he had left her body. He was also found guilty of stealing Ritzer’s credit cards and underwear, which led to an armed robbery charge.

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