Fleece Johnson (Booty Warrior) Wikipedia, Now and Charges

Fleece Johnson is a criminal who released in 2022 after spending 44 years in prison. While serving his time behind bars, he gained notoriety as the “Booty Warrior” after appearing in a viral video where he openly discussed his predatory behavior towards fellow inmates.

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On June 28, 2015, Johnson was then 57 years old was granted parole following four decades in jail, conditional to his being rated as a ‘low-risk’ rating. He was allegedly set free in June 2016 but was taken into custody and returned to prison after being charged with armed robbery a few days later.

Fleece Johnson Wiki

On July 26, 1979, Fleece Johnson sentenced to 10 years for armed robbery. Later, he sentenced to an additional 18 years in 1987 on charges of ‘Wanton Endangerment’ and ‘1st Degree Assault’. Fleece raped 157 people while he was in prison and was up for parole 13 times after serving a minimum of 20-50 percent of his sentence however they were denied.

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In 2023, after a year of release, Johnson was interviewed by Hustler’s Spirit regarding his time in jail. Johnson talked about himself in the Boondocks episode ‘A Date with the Booty Warrior.’ In response to a question about whether Johnson had ever seen the episode, he stated,

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“I watched little of it but it watched aggravated me because that’s not my character…portraying me as somebody I’m not. I don’t have to run up on no motherf*ker asking for no booty. It’s a known fact where I was locked up I got pssy while I was locked up…he put me in a negative light to try to generate a negative light but what he did is it me.”

“You put me to the test I’ll go out there and get my money, any way I can. I was trying to demonstrate when I got out of prison that it had turned over a new lead, I was done with all that crime sh*t, but I can go back into it if I had to. I have a wife now…I told her about it before we got married. I had no idea that when I did the [MSNBC] documentary that I would ever get out of prison and that all these other sites would come aboard and put it in a negative light…like I’m some kind of predator…I fucked some ass in there, I’m not gonna lie, but I didn’t take it.”

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