When Is Sons Of The Forest Coming Out? Trailer & Release Date Explored

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Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated sequel to horror survival game The Forest, is now available. Endnight Games was announced several years ago but has not done much marketing or revealed any details about the game.

Fans have gathered some information about the game, including details of the survival and building gameplay returning with a mixture of cave exploration and land exploration. Although not much information is available about the creepy foes and enemies, this version of the survival game also features them.

Let’s not get bogged down with what the fans of the series know about the sequel. Let’s look at the trailers and gameplay, as well as details about the platform, such the Sons of the Forest release dates.

Sons of the Forest Game Release Date

According to Endnight’s latest tweet, the Sons of the Forest release date will be sometime in mid-2022.

The game was initially expected to be released sometime in the year. However, it has been delayed due to extra work. The third trailer will reveal the exact release date “in the next few days”.

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Sons of the Forest Platform

We don’t yet know the platforms Sons of the Forest is going to be available on.

Although no official announcement has been made, it is likely that Sons of the Forest will be available on PC due to its popularity and PC history.

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It is also possible that Sons of the Forest will be released on consoles at some point.

Sons of the Forest Trailer

The Game Awards 2019 saw the debut of the first Sons of the Forest trailer.

Although the trailer received a lot of attention due to its unsettling tone and creepy atmosphere, details about the game were not revealed.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay

Sons of the Forest has not yet been shown a lengthy gameplay demo. The second trailer, released in December 2020, did not show much gameplay. However, it did include more exploration and combat. It also showed some environments inside modern buildings. This will likely tie into the game’s story.

This is all we know so far about Sons of the Forest. We also have details about the Sons of the Forest’s release date. Keep checking back for more information from Endnight Games.

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