Who Is Sherri Campbell, John ‘Jack’ Boyle’s Lover | Where Is Sherri Today?


Sherri Campbell was the lover of John ‘Jack’ Boyle and mother of his daughter. John was a narcissist and killed his own wife Noreen Boyle, and buried her in a crypt beneath the basement of their new house. Until January of 1990, her body would not be discovered. In 2000, the case became the crime of the century for Mansfield, Ohio, spawning a “Forensic Files” episode, a documentary in 2018, and now, Landry’s own podcast based on the investigation.

Why John Boyle Killed His Wife Noreen Boyle?

John had been having an affair with Sherri for several months and had even called her his “fiancée.” He had been making frequent trips to Erie to visit her and had been discussing plans to move her into the Boyle residence as soon as Noreen was out of the way. So to get rid of Noreen, John Boyle plotted to marry his pregnant 26-year-old mistress, Sherri Campbell, and install her at the Erie residence.

John Boyle’s son Collier Landry told The Post, “Hundreds of people have reached out to me on social media after listening to the podcast. They’ve been mistreated by family or friends and have fallen into self-harm or substance dependency. It’s good for them to see my resilience.”

Wher Is Sherri Campbell Today?

Sherri Campbell’s whereabouts are a mystery. She was last seen in her hometown of Santa Barbara and since then, no one has heard from her. Her family, friends, and law enforcement have all been searching for her but to no avail.


It is not known if she is still in the United States, or if she has left the country. Her last known whereabouts remain unknown.

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John Boyle Son | Collier Landry

Collier Landry was growing up and planning his own future in the entertainment industry. He had enjoyed playing a miniature harmonica and singing for his father’s patients, as a child. He studied at the Ohio University School of Music.

Currently, Landry age is 44 years old. He is a freelance cinematographer. He has worked on well-known television shows such as “Badland Wives” and “Every Other Weekend” and the upcoming documentary “1946”.


He lives 2,000 miles away from his old hometown, as of now. Despite the success he has achieved, Landry says that the events of 1989 will always have a huge impact on his psyche though he does not allow it to define him completely.

Collier also said, his mother Noreen Boyle used to take him out for all-day adventures. “My mother always took me shopping — I think that was her hobby”. About his father, he said he was a short-tempered at home and used to call Collier fat. And he allegedly cheated on Noreen.

In 1989, Noreen, 44 and Jack 46, was decided to get divorce. Later, Jack convinced Noreen not to get separated and give the relationship another try. Duo purchased new house in Erie, Pennsylvania. In that house, Jack planned to kill Noreen and get married with his lover Sherri Campbell.

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