Shadman (Youtuber) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Arrested & Controversy Explained

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Shadman is an artist and youtuber from Switzerland. He is often hated for his rule 34 and comics that contain child-adult material.

Since 2009, he has been creating content such as the art of loli or Elastigirl. In 2009, he started his website under the domain name Shadman. The youtube account was also created in 2010.

His close friend is Animator Sr Pelo. He has also been a guest on SleepyCabin. His gender is not yet clear but he is believed to be bisexual.

Who is Shadman?

Shaddai Aka Shadman is currently making headlines for the wrong reasons. The Internet is still confused about what happened to him.

This YouTuber, based in Switzerland, is also known as Shadbase. He joined YouTube in 2010.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this artist, famous for his famed art.

Shadman Height & Weight

How tall is Shadman? He stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs about 63 kilos. He is a fitness freak as well. He has blonde hair and has light brown eyes.

Who is Shadman Prejean?

After getting involved in controversy, the YouTuber with a strong reputation for drawing characters like Elastigirl and Loli had to stop his work.

YouTube.fandom says that Shadai moved from Switzerland to Los Angeles after his work was critically viewed in his home country.

His work included sketches of objects, drawings of fictional characters and time-lapses of his drawings.

Shadman’s YouTube channel has stopped being active. He also never shared his face.

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Shadman Controversies Explored

Shaddai and Shadman are not new to controversy.

For drawing vulgar images of girls underage, including Elastigirl and Loli, he received a lot backlash.

Keemstar, a YouTuber, was also involved in a drama about him allegedly drawing his daughter. He had stated that he would draw a picture of his daughter for Donald Trump’s victory.

During a livestream chat with Colossal, he even mentioned drawing Loli of Keemstars child in.

Shadman stated that he would draw it down because he respects Keemstar. It has since been removed.

Is the youtuber arrested?

Many social media users shared reports that the YouTuber had been arrested on October 28, 2021. shows a case against Shaddai at the Los Angeles County Superior Courts. However, his arrest was not confirmed.

Although the reason for the arrest is not known, the document indicates that the suspect was booked under section 245, A.1, which charges him with “assault using a deadly weapon.”

The police and official records don’t have any details on the alleged attack.

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