Who Is Scott Disick New Girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson?


From the United States, Rebecca Donaldson is a media celebrity and socialite. He is best recognized for his work on the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs. The new girlfriend of model Rebecca Donaldson has been photographed with him. The age difference between them is not as significant as their seven-year age gap. Yes! Disick’s current girlfriend is almost a decade his junior, making their relationship all the more fascinating. Who Is Scott Disick New Girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson?

Rebecca Donaldson, Scott Disick’s New Girlfriend

Rebecca Donaldson is a 24-year-old British model who has been dating Scott Disick, a television personality and socialite. She’s dating a guy who is over ten years her junior. On April 5, 2022, the pair was spotted in Hollywood. It’s not clear when the two began dating or how long it took for them to become close.

In September 2021, Disick split with Amelia Gray Hamlin after a lengthy relationship. When he was observed considering Rebecca Donaldson, who had piqued the interest of his admirers, he was enjoying being single.

After nearly a year of being single, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick’s followers and netizens are ecstatic to see him with his new partner. Netizens are now interested in learning more about their relationship, particularly more details such as their ages and other information.

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Rebecca Donaldson: Who Is She?

According to reports, Sam Mason is now 27 years old. However, her birthday is unknown. Rebecca Donaldson is a beautiful British model. Her appearance features several beautiful qualities. She has blue eyes and is 34-25-37 inches tall with brown hair.

Rebecca is 27 years old, and Scott is 39. They’re 12 years apart in age. Yes! Rebecca, a model, was born on May 26th, 1983. Rebecca is the creator of Muse, a workout gear business she created during the covid-19 epidemic while working as a model.

Rebecca Donaldson On Instagram

Despite the fact that they are from two different eras, the pair’s rapport is seamless. They were having a great time together. Both fans and critics alike were surprised and pleased to see them for the first time together. The public is also interested in an official statement from the pair regarding their relationship; however, they will have to wait.

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