Ariela Danielle Ex Husband Leandro Fosque: What We Know

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Ariela Danielle is well-known for her appearance on 90 Day Fiance’s ensemble in 2018. The latest rumor about Ari meeting her ex-husband Leandro Fosque has people talking. Let’s have a closer look at it. Ariela Danielle is well-versed in the entertainment industry as a television personality. As an actress, she has starred in numerous programs and achieved considerable success.

Danielle is a freelance writer who also appeared in a music video prior to becoming part of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, alongside her fiancé Biniyam Shibre, on the spin-off. Prior to that, Danielle worked as an assistant to her father, Dr. Fredrick Stackable, and her mother, Janice, a nurse. Ariela Danielle Ex Husband Leandro Fosque: What We Know.

Who Is Ariela Danielle Ex-Husband Leandro Fosque?

The audience went crazy when Daniell’s ex-husband, Leandro Fosque, made an appearance on the show. According to reports, Fosque, who appears on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way as a potential hazard to Biniyam Shibre, has a companion.

Ariela and Leandro’s close friendship has been criticized by fans despite the fact that they are divorced after ten years of marriage. Furthermore, many 90 Day Fiancé followers have questioned Ariela and Leandro’s relationship, claiming it is disrespectful to Biniyam.

Biniyam had her misgivings about Ari’s loyalty, as one might expect. While watching the trio’s friendship is entertaining, spectators are also saddened by Biniyam’s circumstances. Furthermore, while Leandro’s girlfriend in America provides Biniyam with comfort, he had been afraid that Ariela’s prior spouse would entice her away.

Fosque is also said to be a significant part of Ariela’s life. He converse with her family and celebrate American holidays, implying that Leandro’s visit to Ariela was not a major event.

What Is Leandro Fosque’s Age?

The mystery surrounding Leandro Fosque’s age has captivated people around the world. However, his exact age has yet to be discovered on the internet. Despite this, based on Fosque’s appearance, we may guess he is in his mid-30s.

Danielle will be 28 years old in 2022, whereas Ari’s new buddy, Leandro, will be 31 this year.

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Ariela Danielle And Leandro Fosque’s Divorce

The Other Way fan who was wondering about the pair’s prior relationship history, Ariela Weinberg, has revealed her divorce from ex-husband Leandro Fosque. For three years in a row, Weinberg was divorced from Leandro; it appears she met Biniyam during that period.

Biniyam Shibre’s life has been upended by her closest friends Ariela and Leandro, who have subjected her to a variety of emotions, including dread and envy. Finally, their divorce may have been caused by cheating, according to information discovered online.

Leandro Fosque Instagram

On Instagram, Leandro Fosque was said to be active, although his official account is now deleted from the site. According to news reports, he had 209 followers and had shared 9 postings as of the most recent update.

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