Sammi Haney: Age and background of Raising Dion’s Esperanza


Sammi Haney has already won many fans with her portrayal of Dion in the second season of Raising Dion. Get to know this actress, as well as her age and background, now that Season 2 has aired.

The second season of Raising Dion dropped on Netflix on February 1, 2022, with Sammi Haney being praised as “the star of the show” and “girl boss in the making” due to her sassy depiction of Dion’s BFF Esperanza Jimenez. Fans forget she’s still young since she has a large personality on-screen, so keep reading to find out how old she is.

Sammi Haney’s age

Sammi is a child actress who was born on August 25, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas, making her 11 years old. Matt and Priscilla are Sammi’s parents. Sammi is the youngest of three children. Her sister Sarah is approximately 17 years old, and her brother John is about 14 years old.

The actress is making her feature film debut. She was previously credited in the TV series 7 Little Johnstons, but she had not yet made a major screen appearance. After appearing in a New York Times article about Inspiration Island, the unique special-needs water park at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas, she got the part of Esperanza.

The article was published, and Netflix contacted the theme park for Sammi’s information. Meanwhile, her mother came across a Raising Dion casting call looking for a “sassy wheelchair user.” They thought she nailed it during the audition, and everything else happened as they say.

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She’s a disability advocate

Sammi may be a young entrepreneur, but she’s made it her goal to raise awareness and acceptance of the disabled community, as well as remove the stigma surrounding people with disabilities in media. Her company Disability Shirts debuted in 2019, offering clothing with special-needs themes.

Although the actress was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) type III, also known as brittle bone disease, she was diagnosed in the womb. Sammi was discovered to have 19 fractures while still in the womb. She has fractured hundreds of bones throughout even the most basic activities such as when she is asleep turning. She uses a wheelchair and used leg braces to assist her mobility previously.

Sammi was born with two separated arms and legs and has had numerous operations since she was two years old, including new metal telescoping rods surgically inserted into her arms and legs to realign her bones almost every year. The disease also affects teeth, so her first surgery was on her mouth. Despite all the discomfort and suffering, however, the actress continues to live life to the full while participating in horse riding and canoeing.

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