Samantha Euphoria S2: Is She Theo’s Mother Explored

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Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6 certainly didn’t disappoint, with the drama continuing to develop between Maddy (Alexa Demie), Nate (Jacob Elordi), and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). Samantha is a character who has played an important part in this episode. Fans are however wary of her, so let’s see why.

In Episode 5, Rue outed Nate and Cassie’s hidden relationship, and fans knew that mayhem would follow. When Maddy’s two most valued people deceived her, she had no idea who to turn to. She went to the mother of the family she babysits for, Samantha, for advice.

The first time Maddy and Samantha met was in Episode 1, when she assisted her with removing her dress. Some fans believe there may be a deeper meaning behind these encounters than previously assumed.

Who plays Samantha in Euphoria S2?

Minka Kelly played the part of Samantha in Euphoria, based on Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly. Minka was born on October 24, 1980, in Las Vegas Nevada.

She is the daughter of Rick Dufay, a former Aerosmith guitarist, and Maureen Dumont Kelly. Minka was raised by her mother after her death in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Samantha Euphoria S2 Height & Weight

How tall is Samantha Euphoria S2? She stands 5 feet 10 inches or 1.77 meters. Her body measurements are 36-27-42 Inches. Her bra cup size is 36 BB. She has dark brown eyes and has blonde hair.

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Euphoria’s Samantha character explored

In Euphoria Season 2, Samantha is the mother of the young boy, Theo, who Maddy cares for. While watching over Theo Maddy has been seen attempting on Samantha’s clothes, jewelry, and sipping her wine.

It appears that Maddy has a lot of regard for her, while it also seems that Samantha has a kind side.

In Episode 6 of Euphoria, Samantha returns from a night out and shares a bottle of wine with Maddy in her pool. The two girls shared their problems with one another, and Maddy revealed the hidden love affair between Nate and Cassie.

“He just gave me exactly the proper amount of attention at the incorrect moment,” she added.

Finally, in an unexpected moment, Maddy lost her cool and began to scream at Sam. She claims that she never imagined her husband would want to marry her because she was “messy” and “loved to fight.”

Maddy sees a lot of herself in Samantha, and some fans think that season 2 will expand on the connection between the two.

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