Ruth Pinchas Pick (Hannah Pick-Goslar’s Mother) Wikipedia, Husband, Family Story

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Ruth Pinchas Pick was the mother of Hannah Pick-Goslar who was a German-born Israeli nurse and Holocaust survivor best known for her close friendship with writer Anne Frank. She was from Jewish family. Ruth was a teacher. She and husband were also observant Jews. Find more about Ruth Pinchas Pick (Hannah Pick-Goslar’s Mother) Wikipedia, Husband, Family Story.

Ruth Pinchas Pick Biography

Ruth Pinchas Pick was married with Hans Goslar who was deputy minister for domestic affairs, and the ministry’s chief of public relations in Germany until 1933. They had a loving and supportive relationship with Ruth often accompanying Hans to social events and diplomatic functions. As a couple, they were well-respected within their social circle known for their intelligence, wit and charm. Their lives took a drastic turn with the rise of the Nazi regime in 1933.


The Goslar family lived in close proximity to the Frank family and she met Anne in 1934 when both children went grocery shopping with their mothers. Both sisters attended the sixth Montessori grade and became best friends, Anne calling Hannah Hanneli.

They attended the Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Susanne “Sanne” Ledermann, who lived in the same area but attended a different school and later Ilse Wagner and Jacqueline van Maarsen were also close companions.


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Ruth Pinchas Pick’s Daughter – Gabi Pinchas Pick

Rachel Gabriela Ida’s second daughter, Gabi Pinchas Pick was born in Amsterdam on 25 October 1940. Her mother died in 1942 giving birth to her third child; the baby also died.

Lesser Known Facts About Ruth Pinchas Pick

  • Ruth Pinchas Pick’s daughter, Hannah Pick-Goslar worked as a nurse for children both emigrated to Israel.
  • On 25 March 1945, Hans Goslar died on 25 February 1945, and his mother-in-law, Therese Klee.
  • On 28 October 2022, at age 93, Pick-Goslar died at home in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Goslar married Dr. Walter Pinchas Pick; the couple had three children and settled in Jerusalem.
  • She had eleven grandchildren and more than 31 great-grandchildren.


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