Pioer Rockelle (Youtuber) Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Facts

Pioer Rockelle is an American YouTuber with over 8 million subscribers. She started posting on YouTube in 2016, and she has major followings on Instagram and TikTok. This week, Pink accused Rockelle’s parents of exploiting her by photographing her in a bikini. Explore more about Pioer Rockelle’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Family, Career and many more Facts about her.

Who Is Pioer Rockelle?

Pioer Rockelle was born on August 21, 2007 in Georgia. She is 14 years old, as of 2021. Rockelle is a YouTube celebrity, musician, and content creator with over 8 million followers.

Pink, a singer, tweeted about photographs posted on Rockelle’s Instagram account that showed the teenager in a bikini and suggested that her parents were exploiting her.

Rockelle’s existence has been documented on the internet since 2011, when photographs of her at the age of four were uploaded to Instagram.

Pioer Rockelle Career

Pioer Rockelle is now the subject of a YouTube channel in which she participates alongside family and friends as they pull pranks, compete, and vlog.

Here’s how Rockelle became a star on the internet. From YouTube tutorials on how to make slime to starring roles in web series, here’s how she got there.

Pioer Rockelle Net Worth

On November 29, 2016, Rockelle’s YouTube channel was launched. The first publicly available video on the platform, which was posted on November 29, 2016, shows Rockelle at about 10 years old making fluffy slime from scratch. The film has over 4.6 million views.


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Her next few videos were all about dance, crafts, and toys. It appears that Rockelle made her debut on Musical.ly, a music-focused video app that eventually became TikTok, around the same time in 2016 and 2017. Rockelle’s TikTok account appears to have been created in April 2020.

Her net worth is estimated to be $100k – $300k, as of 2021.

Some Intresting Facts about Pioer Rockelle

  • Rockelle’s Instagram profile has 4.8 million followers, and the oldest posts on it date back to 2011.
  • According to the account’s description, it is run by her family.
  • In 2018, Rockelle got her own unscripted reality series, “Piperazzi.”
  • According to a cast interview with the celebrity-index website Famous Birthdays, the story follows Rockelle’s journey out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in entertainment.
  • The series appears to be no longer available to view on YouTube.

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