Did DMX adopt Paige Hurd? “Dad” tribute explained

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Paige Hurd, the actress who played Tami in The Power Book II, paid tribute to her late godfather DMX on Instagram this weekend, as he would have celebrated his 51st birthday.

Hurd referred to DMX as her “dad” in the post, which has fueled speculation among fans whether he previously adopted her. We look at the actress’ close relationship with the rapper.

Paige Hurd shares “Dad” tribute for late rapper DMX

On Saturday, actress Paige Hurd paid tribute to late rapper DMX in memory of his birthday. Earl Simmons (DMX), whose legal name was Earl Simmons, died at the age of 50 days after a heart attack.

“I think it’s safe to say that my father is a man who possesses an incredible amount of strength, perseverance and fortitude” Hurd wrote. “He has shown me how much more powerful I can be if I work hard every single day to make the most of this life and love others.”
While she referred to DMX as her “dad” in the post, he was actually her godfather. However, the actress often referred to the artist as her “pops” with the star having previously played his on-screen daughter in the action thriller Cradle 2 The Grave.

Did DMX adopt Paige Hurd?

It’s not known if he legally adopted her, but Paige Hurd previously wrote in a 2019 Instagram post that DMX and Tashera Simmons “adopted” her “into their family as their goddaughter.”

During the filming of 2003’s Cradle 2 The Grave, DMX and Hurd first encountered each other when Hurd was cast as Vanessa Fait, Anthony Fait’s daughter, in the film. After filming, Hurd chose DMX and his then-wife Tashera Simmons to be her godparents, with the actress mentioning it in her eulogy for DMX.

Hurd became friends with the actress while she was working on the film The Prince & Me, and they have remained close. For Father’s Day in 2016, Hurd got a tattoo of himself in her honour; it’s on her stomach and is inscribed with DMX’s lyrics RIGHT/WRONG written in his hand.

Who are her parents?

Paige Hurd’s parents are not well-known publicly, although her IMDb bio says her mother is Puerto Rican and her father African American.On Instagram, Hurd previously shared a photograph of her mother as she celebrated her birthday in February. The actress posted photographs of them both as youngsters, referring to her mother as her “twin.”

Hurd was previously seen tagging CMA Entertainment with Express.co.uk in the article, tying his mother as CMA’s talent management chief executive officer Cheryl Martin. Her father is unknown.



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