Ozark Season 4 Renewed or Cancelled: Release Date, Plot Explored, Cast, Latest News


Ozark Season 4 is still in production as of August 2021. Production is currently scheduled to continue until October 2021. This is an updated guide that covers everything we know so far about the huge final season of Ozark. It has been updated periodically to reflect new information. Last update was August 2021. The release date for ‘Ozark season 4’ is being discussed with a lot of excitement. This is the last installment of the crime drama.

Ozark Series Summary

Ozark has been a Netflix Original crime drama series that is often ranked among the top shows on Netflix. It was created by Mark Williams and Bill Dubuque.

Ozark is one of the most popular and well-respected Originals on Netflix. In April 2020, we got word that the series ranks among the most-watched titles of all time. The third season was viewed by just under 30 million viewers.

It launched its Netflix life in 2017 and, despite being compared to Breaking Bad, has earned its place as one of the top Netflix shows. It has received 32 Emmy nominations. Netflix released the most recent season in March 2020.

Ozark Season 4 Renewed or Cancelled

We reported in June 2020 that Ozark was renewed by Netflix. Moreover, Netflix has finally confirmed that the series will return for its fourth and final season. The final season of this series will have two parts. This season will include 14 episodes, with seven episodes each. Jason Batman stated that a large-sized season means the Byrdes have super-sized problems. Chris Munday, showrunner, said that Ozark was grateful for Netflix’s recognition. This has given Ozark more time in the evening to complete Byrdes saga. Jason Bateman answered the question by saying that his fastball, if he’d had one, would be left up to Chris and MRC. Netflix will continue to work out the details about the series’ life.

Multiple Netflix social media platforms reported the news that season 4 would be the final of Ozark, with the caveat it will be divided into two halves. Season 4 will consist of 14 episodes, each half being seven episodes.

According to available metrics, Ozark’s return for season 4 was an obvious decision. Ozark dominated Netflix’s top 10 daily lists for almost two months.


Just before the season 4 announcement, in an interview with Jason Bateman in Collider Bateman shared some fascinating insights about the production and what it means for season 4.

He explained that each episode takes approximately eleven days to shoot, and requires two weeks of preparation. An entire season takes six months to produce.

Ozark Season 4 Release Date

Netflix has not yet released a release date or window for August 2021. According to Ozark’s previous seasons, there have been 19 months between seasons. However, with two shorter seasons, we might see the series return a bit sooner. We have shifted our money to an early 2022 release of the first half and later in 2022 of the final batch.

Ozark Season 4 Production & Latest News

The fourth season of filming began on November 9, 2020. Wesley Hogan, Ozark’s location manager, confirmed that the first block filming for the fourth series was completed in late 2020. Jason Bateman, due to Covid-19, has announced that he will not be directing any more episodes of Ozark.

Skylar Gaertner posted a message from the set of the show in June 2021 to celebrate his birthday. AJC reports filming is ongoing throughout the month of June 2021 although Georgia’s filming tracking site does not list it although it’s thought Netflix isn’t allowing Ozark or Stranger Things to be listed on said site.

Charlie Tahan shared a photo on Instagram with cast members on June 15th. In early July 2021, filming was still ongoing according to the local website Cherokee Tribune & Ledger News with filming taking place at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Epperson Road and at an intersection.

According to various sources, Ozark Season 4 filming is currently scheduled to continue right up until October 2021 (specifically on October 8th, 2021).

Ozark Season 4 Plot Explored

Ozark Season 4 will follows Marty Byrde’s (Jason Bateman), and Wendy Byrde’s (Laura Linney), as they move to the Lake of the Ozarks to launder money for Omar Navarro, a drug cartel boss. According to a various sources, the fourth season will begin 10 minutes after the bloody finale of the third season.

The duo will likely be focusing on their quest to defeat the Mexican drug cartel boss in the new season. The question is whether they will fight their way to the top, or if karma takes over from their past actions. This is despite locals, FBI and cartel watching closely on them.


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Ozark Season 4 Cast & Crew Details

Check out the cast list of Ozark Season 4. It is featuring with Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde, Sofia Hublitz as Charlotte Byrde, Skylar Gaertner as Jonah Byrde, Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore, Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell, Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore, Carson Holmes as Three Langmore, Jessica Frances Dukes as Special Agent Maya Miller, Felix Solis as Omar Navarro.

Here is also some new casts like Alfonso Herrera as Javi Elizonndro, Adam Rothenberg as Mel Sattem Felix Solid as Omar Navarro, Damian Young as Jim Rettelsdorf, Bruno Bichir as Navarro’s Priest, CC Castillo as Sheriff Leigh Guerrero, Katrina Lenk as Clare Shaw, Aaron Gillespie as Kenny, Patricia French as Lorna, Adam Rothenberg as Mel Sattem. It is also reported that Shaan Merchant Elizabeth Carlile will include in this season. There are two new cast members are Falcón is set to play Camila Elizonndro, and Stroker will play Charles-Ann.

  1. Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde
  2. Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde
  3. Sofia Hublitz as Charlotte Byrde
  4. Skylar Gaertner as Jonah Byrde
  5. Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore
  6. Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell
  7. Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore
  8. Carson Holmes as Three Langmore
  9. Jessica Frances Dukes as Special Agent Maya Miller
  10. Felix Solis as Omar Navarro

Ozark Season 4 New Cast Members

  1. Alfonso Herrera (The Exorcist) as Javi Elizonndro – “member of the Navarro family who walks a fine line between playing the obedient lieutenant and scheming to take over his uncle’s cartel”
  2. Adam Rothenberg (Ripper Street) as Mel Sattem – “cop who fell from grace who now works as a P.I. He enjoys the chase and won’t rest until he unravels the truth.”
  3. Felix Solid (Charmed) as Omar Navarro
  4. Damian Young (Homeland) as Jim Rettelsdorf
  5. Bruno Bichir (Narcos) as Navarro’s Priest
  6. CC Castillo (Outer Banks) as Sheriff Leigh Guerrero
  7. Katrina Lenk (The Band’s Visit) as Clare Shaw
  8. Aaron Gillespie (Brockmire) as Kenny
  9. Patricia French as Lorna
  10. Adam Rothenberg as Mel Sattem
  11. Shaan Merchant
  12. Elizabeth Carlile

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