Overwatch Season 2 2022: Trophies List And Achievements

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Players are finally able to get their hands on Overwatch 2, and the game is unsurprisingly extremely popular with thousands attempting to access it at launch. However, several questions have been raised as the series moves from a paid experience to a free-to-play model, including the issue of trophies and achievements.

If you played Overwatch before, you will find that the trophies and achievements are very similar in Overwatch 2. There are some changes to account for different gameplay, as well as six new trophies/achievements based on the latest heroes.

Overwatch 2 Trophies & Achievements

Base Game Trophies & Achievements
BlackjackEarn 21 endorsements.
Level 10Earn 10 battle pass tiers.
World TravelerWin a Quick or Competitive Play game on 12 different maps.
ShutoutWin a Control map without the enemy capturing an objective in Quick or Competitive Play.
Can’t Touch ThisPrevent the attacking team from touching the payload for one minute in Quick or Competitive Play.
Escort DutyPush a payload 100 meters without leaving it in Quick or Competitive Play.
Double CapCapture both objectives on a game of Assault Maps without dying.
Level 50Earn 50 battle pass tiers.
LockdownWin a game of Assault Maps on defence without losing the first objective.
Level 25 Earn 25 battle pass tiers.

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Overwatch 2 DLC Event Trophies & Achievements

Overwatch 2 DLC Event Trophies & Achievements
Lucio Hat TrickScore a goal, a save, and an assist in a game of Lúcioball.
Safe HandsScore three saves in a row in Lúcioball.
Into the ShadowsComplete Retribution (Story) on Hard difficulty.
Plausible DeniabilityComplete Retribution (Story) on Legendary difficulty.
Clean GetawayComplete Retribution (Story) on Expert difficulty with no incapacitations.
A Quiet NightComplete Retribution (Story) on Expert difficulty.
RedactedComplete Retribution (All Heroes) with eight different heroes.
Thaw-StopperInterrupt three enemy thaws in a round of Freezethaw Elimination.
The Venice IncidentComplete Retribution (Story) with each of the four heroes.
Pay Up Earn eight bounties in a game of Bounty Hunter.
Not So Fast, OutlawKill the Bounty Target while they are using an ultimate ability in Bounty Hunter
ThunderstormComplete the Thunderstorm Archives challenge mission.
Relentless ColdInterrupt an enemy ultimate ability by freezing them in Freezethaw Elimination.
Sympathy GainsComplete the Sympathy Gains Archives challenge mission.
Quick BraceScore two goals within five seconds in a game of Lúcioball Remix.
Volatile ZomnicsComplete the Volatile Zomnics Junkenstein challenge mission.
Bulletproof BarriersComplete the Bulletproof Barriers Archives challenge mission.
Quick on the DrawKill three enemies without dying as the bounty target in Bounty Hunter.
AdaptabilityUse two other heroes’ ultimates without dying as Echo in Quick or Competitive Play.
Surgical StrikeComplete the Surgical Strike Archives challenge mission.
Shocking SurpriseComplete the Shocking Surprise Junkenstein challenge mission.
ThreepeatKill three enemies without reloading or dying in Snowball Deathmatch.
Frenzied DefenseEarn 15 saves in a game of Lúcioball Remix.
Snow Trouble, FriendThaw a player who previously thawed you in a round of Freezethaw Elimination.
Mystery SwapComplete the Mystery Swap Junkenstein challenge mission.
Handle With CareDeliver the payload with over 80 per cent health in Uprising (Story) on Hard difficulty.
VolleyScore a goal in Lúcioball with a shot taken from at least four meters in the air.
Dawn BreaksWin Junkenstein’s Revenge on Expert difficulty.
Three They WereComplete the Three They Were Junkenstein challenge mission.
Vengeful GhostComplete the Vengeful Ghost Junkenstein challenge mission.
FocusedEarn 2 killing blows with a single use of Echo’s Focusing Beam in Quick or Competitive Play.
Frenzied StampedeComplete the Frenzied Stampede Junkenstein challenge mission.
Storm RagingComplete the Storm Raging Archives challenge mission.
Glass CannonComplete the Glass Cannon Archives challenge mission.
Molten CoresComplete the Molten Cores Archives challenge mission.
BreachedKill an enemy after destroying part of their Ice Wall in Snowball Deathmatch.
Caught You!Kill an enemy with a caught snowball in Snowball Deathmatch.
Close QuartersComplete the Close Quarters Archives challenge mission.
Blood Moon RisingComplete the Blood Moon Rising Archives challenge mission.
Yeti CatcherTrap the Yeti as a Hunter in Yeti Hunter.
Distinguished ServiceComplete Uprising (Story) on Legendary difficulty.
Storm WarningComplete Storm Rising (Story) with each of the four heroes.
MaelstromComplete Storm Rising (Story) on Expert difficulty.
FreelancersComplete Storm Rising (All Heroes) with eight different heroes.
Cleanup DutyRecover a flag in a game of Capture the Flag.
CapturedCapture a flag in a game of Capture the Flag.
TempestComplete Storm Rising (Story) on Hard difficulty.
Eye of the HurricaneComplete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Legendary difficulty with no incapacitations.
HurricaneComplete Storm Rising (Story) on Legendary difficulty.
Hardened DefendersSurvive four bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless on Hard difficulty.
Unit CommendationComplete Uprising (Story) on Expert difficulty.
A Couple of FlakesKill two enemies with a single use of Mei’s Flurry in Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
Six They WereWin Junkenstein Endless with six different heroes.
Strike TeamComplete Uprising (Story) with each of the four heroes.
Not a ScratchWin Junkenstein’s Revenge on Hard difficulty with no damage to the door.
Survived the NightWin Junkenstein’s Revenge on Hard difficulty.
RampageKill three enemies as the Yeti in Yeti Hunt.
Delivery InterruptionKill an enemy as they carry the flag in a game of Capture the Flag.
Four They WereWin Junkenstein’s Revenge with four different heroes.
ReplacementsComplete Uprising (All Heroes) with eight different heroes.
Whap!Kill an enemy with a snowball from 25 meters away in Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
Cool as IceKill four enemies without missing in Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
Hot HandWin a round as the sole survivor in Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
UnscathedWin Junkenstein Endless on Hard difficulty with no damage to the door.
Storm RiderComplete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Expert difficulty.
Mission CompleteComplete Uprising (Story) on Hard difficulty.
Snowed InWin Mei’s Snowball Offensive without losing a round.
Thinking With Your StomachEat four meat as the Yeti in Yeti Hunter.
Storm ChaserComplete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Hard difficulty.
Six WanderersWin Junkenstein’s Revenge with six different heroes.
FlagbearerWin Capture the Flag with a score of three to zero.
Ambush!Kill three enemies while they are picking up snow in a game of Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
SurvivorSurvive four bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless on Expert difficulty.
Dawn PatrolSurvive 12 bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless.
Held the DoorWin Junkenstein’s Revenge on Legendary difficulty.

About Overwatch 2 Game

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game set in the optimistic future, where every match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. Play as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other unique heroes as you battle it out around the globe. Moreover, Overwatch 2 is shifting to a seasonal model where we plan to deliver new content to the game every nine weeks.

Each season of the game will add new activities and ways to play, and there will generally be a fresh hero or a new map to see each year. The start of each season is also when we’ll make the most of our hero balancing changes to ensure that everything always feels new and different.

With the new seasonal framework, loot boxes in Overwatch 2 will be phased out. Our new in-game shop will allow you to purchase precisely what you want using our new virtual currency, Overwatch Coins–what you see is what you’ll get.

The store will feature popular cosmetics every week for all players in Season One, and many of these items will be cyberpunk in nature. The themes for our cosmetics will change with future seasons.

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