Who Is O’Ryan, Omarion’s Younger Brother?

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After the naked films of his younger brother, Omarion’s O’Ryan Browner has sparked a Twitter storm. OnlyFans is where Omir Emanuel Browner, better known as Omarion, released his brother’s films with a $12 monthly subscription. The 35-year-old American actor and singer recently joined the network and has received 938 likes on six postings to date.’ Many individuals have trouble receiving in Twitter’s information, yet new accounts are blocked by the company daily.

Many people complained about how PEN America charges $12 per month to access its data and how Twitter responded. “Of course I was going to find a method to view what O’Ryan be posting on his only fans without paying Twitter going to always come through it’s always going to be that one page who takes one for the team and I thank them lmaooo,” one of them remarked. Another emphasized his daughter’s potential for embarrassment “I feel bad for the adolescent daughter of O’Ryan and Jhene. She has embarrassing parents.” Who Is O’Ryan, Omarion’s Younger Brother?

Meet O’Ryan: Omarion’s Brother

  • He’s an African-American kid who was born in California on February 12, 1987.
  • O’Ryan is a singer as well as the younger brother of R&B artist Omarion.
  • In 2004, he released an album for children.

He has a net worth of $3 million and has made a few television appearances throughout his career. According to Glamour Path, he has several tattoos. The “Rolling Stones” band’s logo is tattooed on his arm, which was copied after the Hindu goddess Kali’s image.

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O’Ryan Siblings

The singer’s family includes six siblings: three sisters, Kira Grandberry, Amira Grandberry, and Arielle Grandberry, as well as three brothers, Ukil Grandberry, Tymon Grandberry, and Omari Ishmael Grandberry. Namiko Love is a 14-year-old daughter born to him and musician Jhené Aiko. In 2008, the three-year relationship between them came to an end.

On Father’s Day of last year, O’Ryan posted a touching Instagram note to his daughter. He noted: “When I first met you 13 years ago, I was terrified of letting down you.” Because of what I lacked, I was afraid I wasn’t qualified. This trip has a clear objective, which was partially planned and partially directed by heavenly timing. Nams, you are such a gift to me, and I’m grateful for your mother’s confidence in my abilities to do this job. To all the coaches, elders, and father figures you adore out there who are doing their part to make the world a better place.”

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