‘NTI day’ meaning explained as snow disrupts Kentucky schooling


Last weekend, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency as severe weather threatened much of the state, and now up to three inches of snow is expected in Louisville. As a result, numerous schools are utilizing or seriously considering NTI days – but what does an NTI day for schools, children, teachers, and parents mean?

‘NTI day’ meaning explained

Non-Traditional Instruction is the acronym for NITI. As a result, an NTI day is one when children learn in non-traditional ways. It doesn’t imply a day off. Or coming up with your own activities – at least not yet in Logan County Schools.

According to the LCS briefing on NTI days, and what it means for students and parents, non-traditional instruction simply implies that pupils will still have assignments. This may be handled via e-mail or in paper packets, most likely delivered previously. Rather of learning new things, such homework will “supply review opportunities and application of prior knowledge.”

In other words, it implies going over old material for students. For parents, it means ensuring that your child has internet access or the required physical materials.

What do NTI days mean for school teachers and administrators?

Teachers and staff will report to school from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on NTI days, at least in the case of LCS – as long as the weather permits them to do so.

However, if teachers and workers are unable to travel safely to schools during NTI days, they should instead be “easily accessible via phone, email, or other alternatives.”

Are all snow days automatically NTI days in Kentucky?

Yes. The Kentucky Department of Education’s website states that “school districts participating in the Non-Traditional Instruction program may use up to ten NTI days on their calendar.”

The NTI program is only available to Kentucky schools that have completed a “diagnostic” called the Continuation of Learning Plan (CLP). They must first complete a “diagnostic,” known as the Continuation of Learning Plan (CLP), and be evaluated by a committee before obtaining the waiver required to implement NTI days.

Before the National Teacher Excellence Program (NTEP) began, Kentucky schools appear to have suffered significant disruptions due to weather-related closures.

The initiative began in 2011 as a pilot, then became a statewide program in the 2014-15 school year. It grew to all public schools after the covid-19 epidemic, but it reverted to its stated statutory guidelines in the fall of 2021 due to budget constraints.

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