Netflix Virgin River Season 4: What We Know So Far

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The fourth season of Virgin River will be released on Netflix in summer 2022, with a fifth season already greenlit! The next installment of Virgin River, which will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix in July 20th 2022. Season 5 is also planned for release this Summer, with filming to start this Summer. Here’s everything we know about Virgin River season 4 so far, including the plot, production updates, cast members, and more.

Before we get into the series’ future, let’s take a quick look at how it has evolved. Virgin River is a drama series based on Robyn Carr’s books. Mel, a young midwife and nurse practitioner who leaves the big city to work in a rural Northern California town, is at the center of this story. Throughout the show’s three seasons, Mel has been introduced to a variety of individuals from all throughout town as she sets down her roots. Of course, there have been problems along the way, and plenty of drama.

The first season of Virgin River was released on Netflix in December 2019, with subsequent releases in November 2020 and most recently in July 2021. The program will return once again on July 20, 2022, with a release date of July 20th, 2022. Netflix Virgin River Season 4: What We Know So Far.

Has Netflix Renewed Virgin River For Season 4?

On September 20th, Netflix revealed to USAToday that season 4 was on its way and, more notably, that it would continue at Netflix as well. Multi-season orders are unusual at Netflix, but it’s a testament to the series’ popularity. Of course, we’ve known about season 4 of Virgin River for a long time now. We’ve heard numerous reports over the years that filming dates were set before any renewal, which was again the case for season 4.

Finally, Colin announced that season 4 of Virgin River would be longer than any previous seasons. Season 4 of Virgin River will have 12 episodes instead of the usual 10, according on production listings. We reported earlier in 2021 that several production listings indicated the program would return for a fourth season. Even better, we learned later that filming on season 4 was expected to start at the end of July 2021.

The series is filmed entirely in Vancouver, Canada. We learned that filming was taking place there between August 17th and 18th, 2021 thanks to a post from the Watershed Grill on Instagram. The Jack’s Bar seen in Virgin River is located at the Watershed Grill.


Between August 30th and September 2nd, additional filming took place at The Watershed Grill. Filming was anticipated to conclude on November 30th, 2021, thanks to postings via the Instagram account. This was an era before sound tracks, but it’s still possible that Breckenridge went into an audio booth to add more lines or even re-record some of the show’s dialogue in a quieter environment.

Following “soundpost,” Netflix shows typically debut within months, suggesting a release near at hand. As previously said, Virgin River season 4 will be available on Netflix all over the world on July 20th, 2022.

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How well did Virgin River season 3 do on Netflix?

Fans of the program should not be shocked by a quick renewal. Both seasons 2 and 3 were renewed before their Netflix debuts, as was season 3, which was produced during the filming of season 2. We may now understand why Netflix decided to give the series a two-season order thanks to new top 10 rankings.

Between July 4th, 2021 and August 15th, the program attracted more than a quarter of a billion hours of viewing time on Netflix. It was viewed 255,120,000 hours on Netflix between the aforementioned period.

Season 3 became the United States’ #1 show for approximately two weeks before dropping out of the top 10s after over a month. The series was the most popular on Netflix in its first week, outranking Manifest (on Netflix) and Loki (on Disney+), according to Nielsen’s top 10 lists.

New cast members for Virgin River Season 4

Netflix announced two new cast members for Virgin River Season 4 in late October 2021. Dr. Cameron Hayek, the town’s newest doctor, will be played by Mark Ghanimé, known for his role on Helix. With his “eye-catching good looks,” a razor-sharp intellect, and a smile that could light up the world, Cameron attracts immediate attention in town especially from the ladies of Virgin River.

The first season features a main character named Denny, who is the grandson of Doc.
What to expect from Virgin River season 4

Mel’s major storyline going into season 4 is that she’s expecting a child, although the actual father has yet to be identified. That may be revealed at the conclusion of season 4. Given that he was arrested for shooting Jack at the end of season 2, Brady’s future appears to be in danger.

After her notable absence in season 3, we will almost certainly see the comeback of Hope in season 4. The reason for her absence in season 3 was that she was not permitted to leave the country to film, but it was explained onscreen that she was visiting her aunt in a different state. However, on the road back, she was hospitalized after a vehicle accident during the storm in Virgin River. He’ll continue to confront his illness (macular degeneration) in season 3, which has been slowly worsening.

Will there be a season 5 & 6 of Virgin River on Netflix?

There will be a fifth season of Virgin River, as we previously stated. The script is most likely still being written at this point. Alexandra Breckenridge revealed on Instagram live that filming was originally intended to begin in March 2022 but has now been postponed.

“We were supposed to start in March but it’s been pushed so I don’t know,” the actress said, adding “I’m hoping that maybe we’ll start in the summer. It would be nice to film in Vancouver in the summer rather than in the winter because to be quite frank with you guys, I’m pretty done filming in the winter.”

As for season 6, there’s no telling yet. It will all come down to how Netflix evaluates them. Speaking to Us Weekly before the announcement, the showrunner Sue Tenney stated that they “want to do as many seasons as we can.” There’s a lot of source material to delve into in future seasons, so anything is possible.

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