Nate Boone Craft Age, Now, Wiki: The American Hitman

Nate Boone Craft is a former criminal who has turned his life around after being jailed for his crimes. He has recently gained online attention. In the 1980s, Nate Boone Craft was a notorious hitman in Detroit, causing fear among both regular citizens and other criminals. He was known as the top assassin for the infamous ‘Best Friends murder-for-hire-gang’.

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Where Is Nate Boone Now?

Nate now in his 60s and has chosen to leave behind his old identity as ‘Boone’ and go by his birth name, Nathaniel Craft. He was released after spending 17 years in a prison for federal informants. He wants to start fresh and leave his past life behind.

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Even with the potential dangers of not entering the witness protection program, Nate has decided to face any consequences that may come his way. He has been candid about his past in interviews and documentaries since being released from prison.

Nate’s time as a hitman was about to come to an end when the authorities started getting closer to the gang he was associated with, the Best Friends.

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He decided to cooperate with the authorities and reveal all the information he knew. His confession of approximately thirty murders was accepted, and he was given immunity for those crimes by testifying against his former gang members.

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Nate Boone Early Life

Nate Craft had a difficult upbringing and was involved in illegal activities from a young age. Growing up in Detroit during the crack cocaine epidemic, he joined a notorious gang called the Best Friends and became a hitman.

He earned a major income by carrying out murders for not only his gang but also other powerful drug dealers. Nate Boone is married with Olive Vanbibber and couple has a son together.

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