Carla Walker Murder Mystery And Killer: Glen Samuel McCurley

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Carla Walker was the teenage girl kidnapped, assaulted, and murdered in 1974. On Friday evening, Dateline will feature her story. Carla Walker was 17 years old when she was taken away and killed. Her family had been waiting for justice for over four decades. The episode will premiere on Friday at 8 PM, when McCoy took the stand as the prosecution’s first witness in McCurley’s trial in August.

He recalled how Carla made him laugh and how the two first met in high school. He also spoke about the incident that changed his life when Carla was taken right in front of him in court.

Carla Walker Murder Saga: What Happened To Her?

News will include the tale of Carla Walker, who was brutally murdered five months after her assaulter was convicted. In addition, Rodney McCoy, Carlas’ boyfriend at the time of her abduction, will participate in a Dateline segment to reflect on the last time he saw his high school sweetheart.

On February 16, 1974, McCoy and Carla attended the Valentine’s Day Dance at Western Hills High School. After the dance, they parked at Ridglea Bowl to use the restroom.

In the LTV of his mother in 1969, they began kissing. McCoy leaned over Carla, who was resting against the passenger side door with her handbag behind her head. The passenger door suddenly opened.

On the other side of the doorway, they discovered McCurley. McCoy was struck over the head with a.22 Ruger revolver by McCurley. Although McCoy’s blood was flowing down his face due to his injuries, he could tell that Carla had been dragged from the vehicle because he saw no movement in her seat next to him.

Murder Mystery Of Carla Walker Solved As Killer Glen Samuel McCurley Arrested

Carla Walker’s murder mystery was finally solved after decades, and Glen Samuel McCurley was convicted by the court. Three days later, Walker’s body was found in a ditch near Benbrook Lake. She’d been abused, assaulted, and suffocated repeatedly over three days of abduction, according to WFAA.

In 1974, Carla’s death was investigated, and McCurley was questioned by cops. The magazine of McCurley’s.22 Ruger was knocked out of his grip and falled on to the parking lot as he hit McCoy with it.

The newspaper was one of the few pieces of evidence available at the time, and it was utilized to track Ruger sales in the area. One of the purchasers was identified as McCurley by police.

On April 3, 2008, he told cops that his Ruger had been stolen six weeks prior to Carla’s death, around the time of her murder. He also claimed that his wife was away on Feb 16 and 17, which is when he said the theft occurred.

For almost 50 years, he was not interviewed by cops. The investigators made a breakthrough in the case in 2018 and 2020, according to reports.

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Is Carla Walker Murderer In Jail?

Gelen Samuel McCurley, the man who murdered Carla Walker, is presently incarcerated. After employing cutting-edge methods to analyze DNA, the case was fully resolved.

The California-based Serological Research Institute and the Othram Forensic Genealogy Lab in Houston collaborated to create and analyze a DNA profile. The DNA profile was subsequently linked to a DNA sample taken from McCurley at a McDonald’s straw found in his garbage and later from a direct DNA sample he supplied.

On September 21, 2020, McCurley was arrested at his home in Fort Worth. He also lived near the Walkers’ residence, as did his children. Carla’s son went to the same school as her.

During the trial, McCurley initially claimed innocence for the teenager’s murder. However, when Tarrant County prosecutors showed a video of him discussing his guilt in murdering the 17-year-old to detectives Wagner and Bennett, he changed his tune. He claimed that he had no idea who Carla was or what happened to her. However, after the detective explained DNA evidence to him, he admitted his guilt.

When he strangled and murdered Carla in Fort Worth, Texas, he merely stated that he “got carried away.” As a result, the judge given him straight to jail.

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