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Mary Kelley Campbell’s daughter Ruby wrote a book ‘The Multiple Murders of Mary Kelley Campbell’ in the memoir of her tragically deceased mother. The book follows Mary Kelley Campbell in 1961 through her daughter’s perspective.

Mary Kelley Campbell Wiki

Scott finds Mary’s body on a shady day, starting the narrative. Scott initially assumes his mother was burglarized then finds her strangled and shot. The study reveals an unusual happening caused her death.

The evidence of the half glass of milk and plate of cookies on the table indicates that there was some sort of interaction or conversation between the victim and the perpetrator before her death. It is possible that she may have known the person who killed her, as they took the time to sit down and possibly discuss something before committing the crime.

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Her youngest son being asleep in another room during the burglary raises the possibility that the intruder may have caught her off guard, which would have resulted in a tragic outcome.

As the author examines the crime scene, she reflects on her mother who was known for spreading cheerfulness and happiness. The contrast between the messy crime scene and her mother’s sunny disposition highlights the tragedy of her loss.

Her sisters, who referred to her as “Mary Sunshine” fondly recall Mary Kelley Campbell’s playful nature and lively sense of humor. The dark circumstances that followed her death, Mary’s memory continues to bring light and warmth to those who knew her.

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Mary Kelley Campbell Legacy

Mary Kelley Campbell was joyful, but her marriage to Curtis Campbell was difficult. Mary never abandoned her faith in God despite her struggles. She was a devout Christian and attended church often. No one would have expected that Mary, of all people, would meet such a tragic end. But after the police started looking into her death, they were able to track down Art Ferguson who admitted to killing her.

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He also says Wilma Thomason’s influence made him do the crime. Wilma Thompson babysat Mary Kelly Campbell’s kids. Faking a husband-related tragedy, she tricked the Campbells.

Her hatred of Mary Kelley Campbell led her to manipulate to kill her. Mary Kelley Campbell’s Multiple Murders BOOK became well-known. The horrible crime scene and Mary’s mystery death attracted the public and media.


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