Doctor Mark Weinberger Now: Where Is His Ex-Wife Michelle Kramer?

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Mark Weinberger established an image for being a greedy and narcissistic doctor who managed to avoid capture by authorities for an extended period of time. He was found guilty under of 22 counts of health care fraud in northwest Indiana in 2012. Now he’s out of prison and says one of his patients, “It’s unbelievable where Dateline and NBC 5 found him and what he’s doing now.” Mark also tried to put his wife down in front of the media and world. All of his attempts to bring his then-wife down with him, she ultimately emerged as an innocent. His ex-wife, Michelle Kramer managed to move forward and continue with her life.

What Happened With Michelle Kramer?

Where is Michelle Kramer now? She is leading a private life. During her 30th birthday celebration, she was with Weinberger when he suddenly vanished from their docked yacht under mysterious circumstances.


Upon noticing the unbelievable number of malpractice lawsuits against him, she began to piece together the truth. Initially, she had worried that something unfortunate had befallen him, but now it was clear that his actions had caught up with him. The mounting evidence left no room for doubt – these lawsuits were indeed valid and a sign of his misconduct.

After hours passed by, she come to know he fled and left her under debt of $6 million and bankruptcy, and hundreds of patients who say he misdiagnosed them and performed completely unnecessary sinus surgeries.


Where Is Michelle Kramer In 2023?

The road to healing was not easy, as she had to confront the long-rooted pain and betrayal she had endured. Michelle Kramer was able to move on from her terrible experience with her husband. Weinberger’s luxurious lifestyle, including his love for luxury cars, personal staff, private jets, and extravagant shopping trips, was something he took great pleasure in showcasing.

Michelle Kramer found it exciting and overwhelming at times but still desired to have a career. Although Weinberger managed to persuade her to quit her job, she remained determined to pursue her passion for psychology by returning to graduate school.


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As of 2023, she is now a doctor herself. Kramer returned to the United States by plane after Weinberger vanished from sight in Greece.

Following the devastating event of learning her husband’s criminal and narcissistic nature, she made the difficult decision to take a year off from school. This break was necessary for her to properly address and cope with the aftermath of the situation.

In an attempt to isolate her, he had even tried persuading her to sever ties with her loved ones and relocate to Europe. Despite being completely charmed by him, it wasn’t until he mysteriously vanished that she truly realized the extent of his cheating.


Michelle Kramer Divorce

Michelle Kramer took the decision to file for divorce from Weinberger as he failed to contact her on their anniversary. To handle the financial burden left by Weinberger, she decided to declare bankruptcy. With the help of student loans, Michelle was able to pursue her education once again.

She successfully obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology in Chicago and may currently be running her own practice. When Weinberger was finally found hiding in the Alps five years later, Kramer finally got the closure she needed. In 2013, nearly 300 former patients of Weinberger sued and received a share of the $55 million medical-malpractice settlement.

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