Who Is Maher Kassem? Killed His Wife and Daughter Brutally under Basement

Maher Kassem is a criminal of a horrific crime who took the lives of his wife Majeda and his daughters Zahia, Halema and Hanan. In a confession to the police, Kassem attributed his heinous act to feeling unappreciated and mistreated by his family. He claimed that despite working tirelessly throughout his entire life for their wellbeing, he was treated no better than a mere animal. The incident took place in the basement of their family home. The devout Muslim family is now being mourned by the community.

Maher Kassem Wiki

Maher Kassem, 63, charged with first-degree for murdering his wife and three daughters in suburban Chicago. On January 22, 2024, friends of Halema, Zahia, Hannan and Majeda Kassem who were killed on Sunday, bring flowers and candles to the side of Kassem’s house.

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Maher Kassem’s Son: Tinley Park

Maher Kassem’s son, Tinley Park watched his father shoot his mother seven times. After hearing the initial gunshots, Tinley ran to the basement and found his sisters dead.


His three daughters were shot in the head. Another was shot in the back, exiting through her chin. Maher called 911 to report that his wife ‘had been shot’ but denied committing the murders.

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Maher Kassem Ethnic Background

Maher Kassem’s case does not reveal his ethnic background, but his wife and daughters were Palestinian Arabs. Kassem may be Palestinian Arab. Maher’s wife and daughters claimed to be Muslim.

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