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Lucy Wright is the daughter of Steve Wright and Cyndi Robinson. They divorced in 1999. Just three days prior, the seasoned broadcaster delighted listeners on Radio 2 with a specially crafted Valentine’s Day edition 2024 of his Love Songs show which was prerecorded. At the age of 69, Wright died on 12 February 2024. With a salary ranging from £465,000 to £469,000 in 2018–2019, Wright was the seventh highest paid presenter at the BBC. But in an attempt to bring his income in line with that of women, he had given up £85,000 in salary during the previous year.

Who Is Lucy Wright?

Lucy Wright was born on May 15, 1995, in Greenwich, London, England. She grew up surrounded by a loving family and developed a strong bond with both her parents. She is 29 years old, as of 2024.


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Her father, Steve was a successful businessman while her mother, Cyndi is a talented artist. Despite their different professions, they often give their time to her daughter Lucy’s upbringing has influenced her to follow her interests and pursue a career that combines her love for business and art.

Lucy Grew Up With Her Brother: Tom Wright

Tom Wright presents music nights in Camden and was a friend of Amy Winehouse. In July 2019 Wright told the Daily Mirror that he did not have time to look for a new partner, because he worked so much on his radio programmes. He said,

“I work on an afternoon show on the BBC, and I do a love songs show at the weekend, and it means that I do a lot of interviews, and I prep a lot and I write a lot. So I have to work all the time.”

Tom disclosed his musical preference for the Rolling Stones. He had spoken about his weight problems and it was rumored that he was sensitive to penicillin and feathers.


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