Who Is Lisa Fritzl? What Happened To Her In The Basement?


Lisa Fritzl is the daughter of Josef Fritzl (who is also his great-granddaughter) and Elisabeth Fritzl. She is the younger sister of Kerstin Fritzl and Stefan Fritzl and the older sister of Monika Fritzl, Michael Fritzl, Felix Fritzl and Alexander Fritzl. She was put in the enlargement of the prison, from 35 to 55 m2 (380 to 590 sq ft), putting her mother Elisabeth and her siblings to work digging out soil with their bare hands for years.

At times, Fritzl would punish the family by shutting off their lights or refusing to deliver food for days at a time. He also told them that they would be electrocuted if they tried to meddle with the cellar door.

Who Is Lisa Fritzl?

Lisa Fritzl was born in May 1993. She is 30 years old, as of 2023. She is now leading a normal life with her siblings and family. At 9 months old, for reasons unknown, Lisa was removed from the cellar to live with Josef and Rosemarie in the upstairs home. According to Josef, she was ‘found in a box” on the doorsteps of their home.

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Lisa Fritzl’s Life In The Basement

Lisa Fritzl’s father, Josef only provided a television, a radio, and a videocassette player in the basement. Food could be stored in a refrigerator and cooked or heated on hot plates. Lisa’s mother, Elisabeth taught the children to read and write. Fritzl told Elisabeth and the three children who remained (Kerstin, Stefan, and Felix) that they would be gassed if they tried to escape. Investigators concluded that this was an empty threat to frighten the victims; there was no gas supply to the basement.


Lisa and her siblings was removed from the chamber as infants to live with Fritzl and his wife, who were approved by local social services authorities as their foster parents. Officials said that Fritzl “very plausibly” explained how three of his infant grandchildren had appeared on his doorstep. The family received regular visits from social workers, who saw and heard nothing to arouse their suspicions.

When Did Lisa Fritzl Get Out From The Basement?

Elisabeth’s eldest daughter, fell unconscious on 19 April 2008. She beg Josef for the medical help for the sake of her daughter. He agreed and took Elisabeth and Kerstin out of the chamber and for the first time in 24 years, Elisabeth saw the outer world. After the medical help, he forced her back into the chamber, where she remained for the final week.

Kerstin was taken by ambulance to the Landesklinikum Amstetten, where she was admitted in critical condition with life-threatening kidney failure. Fritzl afterwards claimed to have found a message written by Kerstin’s mother and arrived at the hospital. He spoke with a doctor, Albert Reiter, about Kerstin’s illness and the note. On 21 April, medical staff found aspects of Fritzl’s story puzzling and alerted the police.

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Elisabeth pleaded with Fritzl to be taken to the hospital. he released her from the cellar along with her sons Stefan and Felix, on 26 April bringing them upstairs. On 26 April 2008, he and Elisabeth went to the hospital where Kerstin was being treated.

Fritzl raped Elisabeth and forced her to view pornographic tapes, which he made her perform with him in front of her children to humiliate her. The investigation was completed shortly after midnight by police officers. Fritzl, 73, was taken into custody on suspicion of serious offenses against family members on April 26.

Elisabeth, her children and her mother Rosemarie were taken into care during the night of 27 April, 2008. It was announced that DNA evidence confirmed Fritzl as the biological father of his daughter’s children, on 29 April, 2008.


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