Lil Wop Former 1017 Rapper: Sexuality Revealed

Lil Wop, also known as The Wopster, a rapper who formerly worked for Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo label and is 26 years old, announced to his Instagram followers yesterday that he is bisexual.

His fans have been largely accepting of his announcement. Explore more about Lil Wop‘s wiki, bio, age, height, weight, net worth, sexuality and many more facts about him.

Lil Wop Sexuality: He Comes Out As BI

Lil Wop, better known as The Wopster, recently uploaded a picture of himself to Instagram with pigtails and his midriff exposed. The caption reads: “I’m bisexual; I like guys and girls”, followed by three emojis and the phrase “It’s W.E.”

The acronym W.E., also known as “w/e,” generally means “whatever.” It gives a sense of ease to what may otherwise be a serious message.
How have Lil Wop’s Instagram followers reacted?

Lil Wop’s fans have been largely accepting of his announcement that he is bisexual. The most popular comments include “King,” “You’re supported,” and “I adore you regardless.” At least two people believe, or at the very least claim to believe, that Lil Wop’s Instagram was hacked. Neither offers any evidence in support of their allegation.

Another individual feels the post is a “Super Bowl wager.” The remark has over 700 likes, but someone responded by asking how it was a bet “before the game,” implying that it was after.

Regardless, the majority of those who follow Lil Wop on Instagram and read about his bisexuality through the above post have responded with messages of support and solidarity.

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Lil Wop’s Age, Real Name

Rapping duos frequently use fake names, but the most famous people usually abandon their pseudonyms. This is especially true when there has been a lot of media attention.

Gucci Mane (Radric Delantic Davis) of Atlanta-based record label 1017 Eskimo Records signed Lil Wop to the label in 2017, along with Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Halo.

According to a profile in The Hype Magazine from the next year, Louis MacPherson is Lil Wop’s real name. He idolized local celebrities Chief Kerf, Fredo Santana, and G Herbo while growing up in Chicago.

This song’s name appears as “Worship for the Working Man” on Last FM, which spells his last name differently – McPherson – and adds that he was previously known as Young Loucane.

Two songs by Young LouCane (or Young Loucane, note the capital C) are hosted by Reverb Nation: “PHONE” and “Hyped Out.”

Lil Wop is now 26 years old. He was born on October 17, 1995, and will be 27 years old later this year. Famous Dex is Lil Wop’s cousin.

Lil Wop Career Explored

Lil Wop, a 22-year-old Chicago rapper, went from being Gucci Mane’s biggest devotee to becoming the hip-hop veteran’s latest apprentice in just one year.

Since 2016, Wop has been hard at work establishing a niche with his distinct Midwest accent and hard-rock attitude. It all began with his 2016 project Wopster, which continued into 2017 with the mixtape Wake N Bake (Wake N’ Bake).

Gucci Mane signed Lil Wop to his label 1017 Eskimos through Alamo Records in the summer, and the situation couldn’t be better. Wop, who is Famous Dex’s cousin, heard Gucci Mane’s music while hanging out with his older relatives.

“I was hanging out with my older aunts and uncles at the time. I’m hearing it,” Wop adds when interviewed by XXL in New York. “I grew up around it; that was my world,” he continues.

Lil Wop admired Gucci as a role model, and he was drawn to his music. So much so that Lil Wop tattooed his face with the same renowned ice cream tattoo as Gucci Mane’s.

It was somewhat of a coincidence that Lil Wop and Big Guwop connected. Lil Wop’s birthday is on October 17, which is also the number associated with Gucci Mane.

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